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How to Use NX
  • What is NX?

    NX is virtual currency used throughout all games serviced by Nexon America Inc. NX can be spent on in-game services such as the Cash Shop in MapleStory, the Black Market in Combat Arms, and, of course, the Item Shop in Vindictus.

    Please remember that NX has no real world value and can only be used to purchase services provided directly by Nexon America Inc. Any act of NX trading/selling and/or unauthorized/fraudulent charging is in direct violation of the Terms of Use and all violators will be subject to immediate account termination.

    NX is non-refundable and expires within one year of the purchase date. For more information please refer to the FAQs in the Support section of

  • Where & how do I get NX?

    NX can be charged or purchased via Pay By Cash and Nexon Game Cards (noted in game as NX Prepaid) and via PayPal (noted in game as NX Credit). Keep in mind that there are certain restrictions to transactions using NX Credit. To charge your Nexon account with NX, click on the "Charge Account" link in the Item Shop side bar, or click HERE. $1 will charge 1,000 NX to your account.

    Players using NX Credit are restricted from purchasing Avatar Tokens for characters under Level 30. There is no restriction for players using NX Prepaid.