Download and Installation

  • Step 01

    On the Vindictus website, under "PLAY" click on either the "West Server" or East Server" button to begin the installation process

    Choose "West Server" if you are located closer to the west coast of the United States, and "East Server" if you are closer to the east coast.

  • Step 02

    Download the Vindictus Downloader

    If you already have a Nexon game installed, skip to Step 4.Click on the Vindictus Downloader button to open the download window, and click on "Run" to download.

  • Step 04

    Agree to the License Agreement

    The Nexon License Agreement window will pop up. Check "Agree" to continue.

  • Step 05

    Confirm Folder Destination

    Confirm the destination on your hard drive where Vindictus should be installed. Click "Install" to continue.

  • Step 06

    Finish Installing the Game

    Press "OK" when the installation is complete. Click on the Vindictus shortcut created on the desktop to return to the Vindictus website.

  • Step 07

    Select Your Server to Start the Game

    Click on either the "West Server" or "East Server" button to launch the game.

    Choose "West Server" if you are located closer to the west coast of the United States, and "East Server" if you are located closer to the east coast.


Keyboard Control

Video Tutorials
  • 1, 2, 3: Quick Slots
  • Q: Camera (L)
  • W: Grapple
  • E: Camera (R)
  • A: Dodge
  • S: Normal Attack
  • D: Smash
  • Shift: Secondary Weapon
  • Space Bar: View nearby
  • ↑ ↓ ← →: Move


Video Tutorials
  • 1, 2, 3: Quick Slots
  • W: Move ↑
  • A: Move ←
  • S: Move ↓
  • D: Move →
  • E: Grapple (or L + R mouse buttons)
  • F: Secondary Weapon
  • Space Bar: Dodge
  • Left Click: Normal Attack
  • Right Click: Smash


  • -Connect your gamepad before launching the game.
  • -Customize controls in the Options screen.
  • -There are six default pad settings to choose from.
  • 1. Right Trigger: Smash
  • 2. Right Bumper: Grab
  • 3. X: Light Attack
  • Y: Strong Attack
  • B: Grab
  • A: Lann: A + Direction = Dodge
  • Fiona: A + Direction = Dodge, A = Block
  • 4. Right Stick: Control View
  • Right Stick Button: Center View
  • 5. ← Potion
  • Revive Self
  • Revive Party Member
  • 6. Left Stick: Move
  • Left Stick Button: Zoom
  • 7. Left Bumper: Run
  • 8. Left Trigger: Secondary Weapon

User Interface

Heads-up Display - Town (Dock)

Heads-up Display – Town (Dock)
  1. Quick Slots: Hotkey items to the quick slots. Press the corresponding numbers to use them.
  2. HP/Stamina Bars: The red bar shows your HP. The green bar shows your Stamina.
  3. Channel: You must be in the same channel as your friends to see them. Click to change channels.
  4. Boat Window: Shows available parties.
  5. Launch button: Launches your boat.
  6. Mini-map: Shows locations of interest
  7. Story Hints: Shows quest objectives.
  8. Chat window: Shows chat messages and system notices.
  9. Please check "Game Menus (Link)" for these keys!
  10. Token: Shows your current token count.
  11. Friend: Opens your Friends list.
  12. Guild: Shows your current guild information.
  13. Chat: Shows your current 1:1 chat.
  14. Depot: Shortcut to the Supply Depot where you can buy items.
  15. Avatar: Shortcut to the Avatar Shop where you can customize your character.

Heads-up Display - Battle

  1. Quick Slots: Hotkey items to the quick slots. Press the corresponding numbers to use them.
  2. HP/Stamina Bars: The red bar shows your HP. The green bar shows your Stamina.
  3. Timer: Time left to clear the battle.
  4. Mission Window: Your main mission objective.
  5. Party Display:: Your party members' HP, status, and names.
  6. Status Indicator: Your buffs, debuffs, and cooldowns.
  7. Item Indicator: Shows the item you obtained from an Evil Core or object.
  8. Mini-map: Shows your current location. Dark arrows show where you’ve been. Red portals show where you should go.
  9. Chat Window: Shows chat messages and system notices.

Press F1 - F4 for preset stock message!

Press F5 - F11 for emotes!

Heads-up Display -  NPC

  1. Exit: Exit the building and return to town. Some NPCs have other options, like Craft or Dye.
  2. Story Quests: Shows available Story Quests. The "!" signifies new Story Quests. The "!" can also be seen on the mini-map.
  3. Misc. Buttons: These buttons show various ways you can interact with the NPC, including trading, crafting, chatting, and accessing Story Quests.


  • Character (Hotkey:C)

    This window shows your character's basic information, including your stats, current level, current EXP, etc. You can also access your titles and input a motto from this window.

  • Skills (Hotkey:V)

    This window shows a list of your current skills. Train skills by applying AP (Ability Points) to them from this window.

    1. List of current skills. Train a skill by clicking the "Train" button.

    2. Skill that is being trained. Once you start training a skill, you must finish training it before you train a new skill.

  • Inventory (Hotkey: B)

    This window shows all the items you currently possess. Equip armor you’ve bought or crafted from this window.

    1. Equipped Gear: Shows the gear you are currently wearing. You may equip one secondary weapon here as well.
    2. Weight: Shows how heavy your currently equipped gear is. Learn to handle heavier gear by leveling up and training certain skills.
    3. Quick Slots: Hotkey items to the quick slots to bring them with you into dungeons. Press the corresponding numbers to use them.
    4. Storage Chest: Your current items. An "E" tag signifies an item that’s equipped. A "Q" tag signifies an item in a quick slot. The "New" tag signifies recently acquired items.
    5. Cash Items: Items you’ve purchased from the Supply Depot are stored here.
    6. Gold: Your current gold.
  • Battle (Hotkey: N)

    The Battle Window shows your current available battles and BP (Battle Points) achieved.

    Click a battle name for details. It displays the main goal you will need to achieve in the battle as well as the rewards. In the Battle Points tab, you will be able to see your progress and other details.

  • Story (Hotkey: K)

    The Story window shows your current Story Quests (missions). It is divided into Main Story, Sub Story, Equipment Story, etc. depending on what kind of Story Quest it is.

    Click a Story Quest for details. Place a Story Quest into the Story Hint window on the right side of the screen by checking the box next to its name.

  • Help

    This button opens the Survival Guide window that contains video tutorials.

Game Goals

Town, Pier, Battle



Main Story: The story is revealed by completing various missions in the epic world of Vindictus. Speak with the NPCs in town to advance the storyline. An exclamation point indicates that an NPC has a new story available. A star icon indicates a story hint.

Side Story: In addition to the main story, there are many different side stories to enjoy. Be sure to talk to the NPCs to see if they have side missions available.


Training skills: Players earn Ability Points (AP) by accomplishing various goals in battle. AP can also be earned using certain skills, such as Meditate. To train a skill, open the Skills window by and distribute AP into the desired skill. Please note: Players can only train one skill at a time. A skill must be trained to the next level before another skill can be selected for training.


NPC: NPCs can be a valuable source for purchasing various items, including: weapons, armor, secondary weapons, potions and revival feathers as well as many of the components needed to craft new items. Some NPCs also sell special items for quests. Be sure to check with all of the NPCs to find what you need. Players can also sell items to NPC characters for gold.

Marketplace: The Marketplace is a real-time trading system run by players of Vindictus. If a player has left-over items after completing a mission or crafting, the marketplace is a great way to trade those items. The marketplace is also an excellent source for finding crafting materials which are rare or hard to find. Some items require Trade Tickets in order to be posted at the Marketplace.

Mailbox: When a player purchases items in the Marketplace, these items will be delivered to the player’s Mailbox. The Mailbox is also a great way for players to keep in touch with each other.

Weapons and Armor

Equipping new weapons and armor can enhance a character’s combat abilities while providing a unique customizable look to the character. A character wearing a full set of matching armor will gain even stronger boosts to his or her attributes. Some weapons and armor can be purchased, but most need to be crafted. Armor can be dyed a different color. To dye armor, visit Clodagh at the general store.


The town is a great place to make friends, chat with other players and to find players who are trying to complete the same mission! Guilds and PvP give players even more ways to socialize in Vindictus.



At the pier, players can search for boats containing others who are entering the same battle. A player can also launch his or her own boat and invite friends to join a private party, allow others to join an open party or even try to enter a mission solo. As the story proceeds, some boats will require the payment of a token to launch or join.

Battle Options

The party leader is able to select various battle options. Available options include Boat Name, Difficulty, Party Size, Privacy Settings and Oath of Honor.


Battle Basics

Basic Combat: Make it a combo! There are many ways to defeat the enemy. Experiment with different attacks and combos. Chaining together light and strong attacks can create devastating combos. Use the environment! Almost everything in the battle can used as a weapon, including boulders, tree branches and even the enemy’s weapons. Grab and smash! Successfully grabbing an enemy will make it vulnerable to smash attacks or throws. Special Skills! Using the number keys can unleash special skills which can help turn the tide in a difficult fight.

Healing in Battle: Characters can use potions to heal themselves in battle. Some potions can also replenish stamina. Feathers can revive incapacitated players. Players can use a Goddess Feather to revive themselves or a Phoenix Feather to revive a downed party member.

Portals: Parties will progress through different stages of the battle by accessing highlighted areas called, "Portals".

Bonus Missions

Oath of Honor: The Oath of Honor gives a player a specific goal to accomplish during a mission. Completing the Oath of Honor grants Battle Points and Experience Points

Side Missions: Check the Battle window to see various side missions which can be accomplished during the battle. Completing side missions grants additional Battle Points.


Evil Core: Some enemies will release an Evil Core after they have been Finished. Players can find items in the Evil Core. Every member of the party can obtain an item from each Evil Core. Many of the items obtained from an Evil Core can be used to craft new weapons and armors.

Special Boss Items: Boss Enemies can drop special, rare items. Hitting the boss on different parts of its body will cause it to drop unique items. Try attacking the boss in different ways to acquire special items.


Battle Points: Battle Points are used to unlock new battles. Battle Points can be acquired in these ways: Completing a mission's primary goal, completing various side quests in a mission and completing different Oaths of Honor in a mission. Play through battles multiple times in order to acquire all available Battle Points in a mission.

Ability Points: Ability Points are used to train a character’s skills. Ability Points can be acquired by completing a mission or by using certain skills, such as Meditation. Characters can have a maximum of 50 unspent Ability Points. Characters should train skills often.

Experience Points: Experience Points are used to level up a character. Leveling up provides boosts to various characters stats. Experience points are earned for defeating enemies and completing missions.