Vindictus Under Siege: New PVP Mode

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Date: 9/23/2013 | 

Ballistae, and catapults, and siege bombs, heck yeah!

Our newest PvP mode throws you into the arena in two teams of 12. The goal? Destroy the other team’s Guardian Statue. The problem? The statues are nestled safely behind sturdy castle walls. The wickedly delightful, blissfully destructive solution? Ballistae, and catapults, and siege bombs. Heck, yeah!

Siege Match Rules

The new Siege Match requires teamwork, strategy, and an understanding of the new environmental weaponry to win. You’re on your own for the first two, but here’s a rundown of how it all works.

Game Rules:
  • The first team to destroy the other team’s Guardian Statue wins.
  • The game ends after 20 minutes.
  • If no one’s destroyed a Guardian Statue at the 20 minute mark, the game ends in a tie.
  • If you become incapacitated, you’ll respawn in your team’s base in 20 seconds.
Game Siege Bombs:
  • Siege Bombs prime automatically and explode 10 seconds after being used.
  • Siege Bombs are found in the central area. Only one can be equipped at a time.
  • Siege Bombs are primarily used to destroy castle gates.
  • Catapults have 10 shots initially.
  • More ammo can be found in surrounding areas.
  • If you’re hit by a catapult, you lose 10% of your armor.
  • Ballistae have 20 shots initially.
  • More ammo can be found in surrounding areas.
  • If you’re hit by a ballista, you lose 20% of your armor.
Guardian Statues:
  • When you’re near a Guardian Statue, all of your HP will be restored. Your armor will be repaired by 20%.
  • When a statue is destroyed, the match ends.
  • The winning team gets 3 Triumph Medals.
  • The losing team gets 1 Triumph Medal.
  • If the match ends in a draw, both teams get 1 Triumph Medal.
Event: (9/25 - 10/8)
Double the number of Triumph Medal(s) that you'll get for playing Siege Match during the given time period
  • Win: Seal x3 -> x6
  • Lose: Seal x1 -> x2
  • Tie: 1 Seal for each -> 2 Seals for each

  • Also, double the max number of Triumph Medals you can get.
  • restricted to 70 per week -> 140

New PVP Rewards


Artifacts give you a unique ability that can be used during combat.

Succubus Fang
Restores 10% of damage dealt as HP Lasts 20 seconds 3 minute cooldown Costs 150 medals
Werewolf Paw
Increases movement and attack speeds by 20% Lasts 20 seconds 2 minute cooldown Costs 150 medals
War Goddess Statue
Increases ATT and M. ATT by 1,000 Lasts 30 seconds 5 minute cooldown Costs 120 medals
Bronze Lion Statue
Increases HP by 5,000 Lasts 10 seconds 3 minute cooldown Costs 120 medals
Mysterious Cat Statue
Restores 1 section of the SP gauge Instantly casts 90 second cooldown Costs 100 medals
Kobold's Clockwork Doll
Summons a Kobold Bomber to auto-target an enemy If the bomber is unable to locate a target in 10 seconds, it kamikazes 3 minute cooldown Costs 120 medals
Fire Wisp Crystal
Deal an additional 300 + 0.5% of your ATT as damage every second Lasts 10 seconds 3 minute cooldown Costs 150 medals
Phoenix Feather Bundle
Casts Life Flare when your HP reaches 1 Instantly Casts Life Flare 90 second cooldown Costs 120 medals


Emblems are special medallions that appear over your name or next to your title. Each emblem has a special design, based around a weapon type.

Emblem: Twin Swords
Emblem: Longsword
Emblem: Staff
Emblem: Battle Pillar
Emblem: Bow
Emblem: Twin Chainblades
Emblem: Twin Spears
Emblem: Long Hammer
Emblem: Battle Scythe
Emblem: Cestus
Emblem: Cross Gun

Starting September 25th in Rocheste, get your Siege Match on and be one of the first to rock the new Artifacts and Emblems.