EP3 Raid Update

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Date: 12/3/2013 | 

Petrifying New Raid Bosses

Two dastardly new bosses are coming to Vindictus in Episode 3: Bark No. 1 and Juggernaut. Both are towering titans that make even the boldest mercenary quake in their boots. Do you have what it takes to bring them down?

Bark No. 1

Bark No. 1 is as powerful as a tank... literally. This war engine is comprised of discarded machines, accumulated and fused to its form. Saws, drills- each operates with its own intelligence, making Bark's body a chaotic mass of destruction. Destroy each machine one by one to defeat this mighty behemoth.

Bark No. 1 can be faced by travelling to The Pinnacle in the Misty Summit region.


Towering above even Karok, this mutilated monster is an unholy synthesis of ghoul and machine. Full of hate and rage, Juggernaut will lash out at any who cross his path.

Travel to The Deep Mines in the Misty Summit region to face this arcane horror. Toss back the bombs Juggernaut launches at you to survive. Land a hit on his face and he'll become vulnerable.

Juggernaut is the most challenging and devastating raid boss to ever haunt Vindictus, and it will take you and nine of your most skilled buddies to take him down.

Special Rewards

No. 2 title
Pick Bark No. 1 apart piece by piece and receive unique titles. Destroy at least one of its components and you'll receive the No. 2 title, which grants you STR +2, INT +2 and WIL +3 when obtained.

Master Scrapper title
Dismantle all but the machine's main body and torpedo tubes and you'll be given the Master Scrapper title. Send that hunk of metal to the scrap yard and get WIL +2!

Bark Basher title
If you muster the courage to fight Bark No. 1 to the end, you'll receive the Bark Basher title, which gives STR +4, AGI +4, INT +4 and WIL +4 when obtained.

Dead Battery Title
Juggernaut is no less fearsome, and grants equally powerful titles to those mercenaries strong enough to beat him. When facing Juggernaut with a party, stop his charge move 30 times with his own bombs to receive the Dead Battery Title, which will give you WIL +2 upon acquiring.

Reckless Bomber title
Prevent his charge another 20 times and you and your party will receive the Reckless Bomber title, which gives STR +2, INT +2 and WIL +3 upon obtaining.

Machine or monster? You decide. Face Bark No. 1 and Juggernaut today and reap the rewards.

Also starting December 5th - 17th, there will be a special +1 Raid Event for the new Episode 3 Raid Bosses (Bark No.1 & Juggernaut).