Honorbound Event

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Date: 6/24/2014 | 

The Fomors are relentless, and every able-bodied mercenary is needed to halt their advance. That's why we're calling on you to go out and recruit fresh new warriors to aid in the cause. Assemble your friends and you will be rewarded handsomely.

Between Wednesday, June 25 and Tuesday, August 12, you and one of your friends get to reap the benefits of the Honorbound Event.

Players who are new to Vindictus or who have not logged in for the past three months can participate by entering the game during the event period. At this time, the player will receive an invitation letter in their inventory.

After opening the letter, enter the name of the character who invited you to the game. Be sure to type their handle correctly, or the bond won't be created.

Once entered, a bond will be formed between the two characters. You and your friend will now have an opportunity to add each other to your friends’ lists.

You and your friend will know that the bond has been sealed when your names are marked in pink.

Once the bond is established, you'll both receive gifts, and when you complete a battle together you will receive 100% bonus Battle XP.

As an added bonus, whenever your Follower reaches a certain level milestone or unlocks an achievement, you'll receive an additional gift!

Follower Rewards:

Battle EXP Boost Potion (1 day) A potion that increases battle EXP by 100% for one day. Only usable in towns. Cannot be used past the expiration date.

Divine Blessing Stone (Gift) Offering this stone to the Goddess can earn you a blessing of bonus EXP, AP, and Luck during your battle. It cannot be used with other blessings. Be aware that the effects will not be applied in Gauntlets or Resenlian's Labyrinth.

Combat EXP Plus Capsule (7 Days/Gift) A capsule that gives you 50% more combat EXP for 7 days.

Pure Skill Reset Capsule (1 Skill) This handy capsule resets a single skill back to Rank F and refunds any AP you've invested in it.

AP 100 Capsule
AP 1000 Capsule
A special capsule that contains AP. Instantly grants either 100 or 1000 AP, depending on the capsule received.

VVIP Service (3 days, Gift)
VVIP Service (14 days, Gift)
Gives the following perks: Stats increase depending on the level of your character, additional battle EXP., a chance for additional boss loot, 1 additional opportunity to board for limited battles, additional items given (such as Goddess Grace, Inner Armor, etc.)
Mentors can have multiple Followers, so form your posse, mercenaries. You'll need all the help you can get.