Touchdown! The Vindictus Football Event is here! 01/19/11-02/08/11

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Date: 1/19/2011 | 

Dear Mercenaries-

This time of year brings the biggest game in one of the world's biggest sports: Football! Celebrate the big daddy of sports championships with Vindictus this year during our special Football Event January 19 through February 8!

Kill Bosses with the Giant Football

Show them you have what it takes to be a world class field goal kicker!

While you are fighting a boss, there is a random chance that a giant football may appear in the dungeon. Kick the football at your enemy to do some severely punishing damage! Use the football for the final blow and knock out the boss to get a special Football Uniform Coupon!

Exchange 3 Football Uniform Coupons for a Football Jersey


Collect 3 Football Uniform Coupons for defeating bosses using the giant football, then turn those coupons in to Kayna (the Avatar Shop kitty located near the Docks). In return, you will receive a special "Uniform Box" with your very own Football Jersey inside. There are five different jersey numbers you can get, so collect them all!

Visit the Dye Shop and try to replicate your favorite team's colors!

Football Helmet in the Supply Depot 01/19/11-02/08/11


Complete your uniform with the Football Helmet, available for a limited time only in the Supply Depot!

For NX 3900, players can look like the ultimate NFL star with their very own Football Helmet. This sporty item adds DEF +70 and AGI +5, plus it gives a set bonus when worn with the Football Jersey!

Just like the Jersey, the Football Helmet can even be dyed to match your team's colors!

Show your team spirit today during the Vindictus Football Event! See you at half-time!

-The Vindictus Team-