Earn NX and Items in Special Gauntlet and Hero Mode Events!

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Date: 2/16/2011 | 
Dear Mercenaries-

We are happy to announce that in support of our brand new Gauntlet and Hero Modes, we will be hosting two special events centered around this exciting new content from February 16 through March 15!

The Gauntlet Trials Event (2/16 - 3/15)

With multiple bosses challenging mercenaries in waves, Gauntlet Mode promises to be one of the biggest challenges that has come to Vindictus so far! Those who are able to defeat the final boss of a Gauntlet Mission may find an evil core containing that boss's pouch. On rare occasions, opening this pouch gives the player a special title to show off that they are truly the elite of the elite.

From February 16 through March 15, opening this pouch can also make the player rich! Characters who obtain Gauntlet Titles by March 15 will get actual NX for their efforts!

Here is a breakdown of the prizes:

- Characters with 1 Gauntlet Title: NX 3,000
- Characters with 2 Gauntlet Titles: NX 6,000
- Characters with 3 Gauntlet Titles: NX 9,000
- Characters with 4 Gauntlet Titles: NX 12,000

And here is a breakdown of the titles you need to get:

- Plunderer of Black Breeze's Sack
- Plunderer of Giant Polar Bear's Sack
- Plunderer of The Blood Lord's Sack
- Plunderer of Laghodessa's Sack

Hero's Path Event (2/16 - 3/15)

Hero Mode is a new feature that will make even the most skilled mercenaries tremble as they see new, stronger versions of foes they only thought they know! Completing Hero Mode a specific number of times on particular dungeons will grant top-tier titles and bragging rights.

From February 16 through March 15, gaining titles in White Tyrant, Nightmare at the Ruins, Shadowed by Darkness and Irukul will get rewarded with Fusion Runes! Fusion Runes are a hot new item in Vindictus which allows players to transfer stats from one item to another!

Here is how players can be rewarded:

- Characters with 1 Hero Mode Title: 3 Fusion Runes
- Characters with 2 Hero Mode Titles:
4 Fusion Runes
- Characters with 3 Hero Mode Titles: 5 Fusion Runes
- Characters with 4 Hero Mode Titles:
6 Fusion Runes

And here is the list of titles you need to get and how-to (discover / acquire times) :

- Tyrant Triumpher : Whilte Tyrant 10 / 50 times
- Laghodessa Conquerer : Nightmare at the Ruins 15 / 50 times
- Conqueror of Blood Lord : Shadowed by Darkness 15 / 50 times
- Conqueror of Irukul :  Irukul 15/ 50 times

Players will recieve the event awards during maintenance on 03/15/2011.

Remember, these events are only going to be around until March 15 at 10:00 PM Pacific, so play some Gauntlet and Hero Modes today!

-The Vindictus Team-