***Updated*** Karok Arrives on June 15!

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Date: 5/27/2011 | 

*** Update ***

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Attention, Mercenaries!

Woe unto the doubters, and a pox upon those who disbelieve in the beneficence of the Goddess! We have prayed for a miracle and lo, he is come – a giant from the south! His name is Karok and he arrives on June 15, 2011!

Meet Karok

Karok hails from the Herdlands, a mysterious plain far to the south of Colhen and Rocheste. Only fragments of legends come from that part of the world, tales of a mysterious race of nomadic giants slow to anger yet terrible when their ire is raised. Indeed, prior to his arrival, many “sophisticated” northerners scoffed at tales of giants. Now that Karok walks among them, his presence raises almost as many questions as answers. Why is he here? Why has he thrown in his lot with the people of Colhen and Rocheste? Where are the rest of his people?

Karok himself provides no answers. While he is reserved, he is by no means unfriendly. Give him a smile and he’ll offer one in return. Chat with him about the weather, the war, or the finer points of battle technique and he’s as garrulous as the next man. Ask him about his past or where he comes from though, and you’ll be pushed off with that same smile and silence.

Play Karok

Karok is a giant of a man. In the real world he would stand approximately seven feet tall and clock in at about 400 pounds. In-game, his character model towers over the other playable characters in terms of both height and width. His primary weapon when he starts out is an enormous pillar that he swings around and smashes enemies with. As the player levels him up, he will be able to swap out the pillar for a huge hammer. He also uses his fists for a number of grabs, parry and blocks. He will be about to wear the heaviest armor from level one.

The upside of Karok’s huge size is the enormous amount of damage he can cause. Even basic attacks can send regular enemies flying across the battlefield. He’s also the only character with a Parry skill that can actually block a boss’ attack!  Whether bare-handed or armed with weapons, Karok is an amazing character to play solo and can offer lots of damage potential or shielding during raids.

Of course, Karok has his challenges as well. Players should not expect him to dominate the game – he will still need help from Lann, Evie and Fiona! First, he’s quite a bit slower than other characters. He also has no AOE attacks. That means he may have issues with quick moving creatures or multiple weak enemies (think: spiders!). If you’re playing with a Karok, your best bet is to keep the trash off him while he focuses on the biggest thing in the area. If you’re playing as a Karok, look for the biggest thing around and smash it first. Then smash everything else!

Good News, Everybody!

Let us share the good tidings with all mercenaries!

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# of shares           Prizes

1000                       Double AP - June 18 @ 4 PM – 7 PM Pacific (7 PM – 10 PM East)
2000                       Double AP - June 19 @ 4 PM – 7 PM Pacific (7 PM – 10 PM East)
3000                       Free: 7 Day Novice Badge (Available in the Supply Depot 18th & 19th)
4000                       Double EXP - June 18 & 19 @ 4 PM – 7 PM Pacific (7 PM – 10 PM East)
5000                       Free: 7 Day Novice Badge --> Cadet Badge!
For each share milestone reached, you will be rewarded the prizes for that milestone as well as for each of the milestones below it. So with 3,500 shares, you would receive a Free 7 Day Novice Badge, as well as Double AP on both June 18th and 19th.

The blessings are now in your hands, mercenaries! Share the good news and reap the great rewards!

Enjoy Karok! Coming June 15, 2011!