Quiz event tests your knowledge!

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Date: 6/14/2012 | 
Greetings Mercenaries,

How well do you know Vindictus?

Starting June 14th through July 11th, the Strange Traveler, Self-proclaimed "master of knowledge," sends an invitation to challenge you Mercenaries to partake in his quiz event. Prove to him that you’re not all brawn and no brains; beat him at his own game and win a prize!

Answer the question he throws at your correctly and you will be awarded a Quiz Champ Coupon. There will be 23 different questions and you can only answer one per day. So make sure you talk to the Strange Traveler every day and collect those coupons, because the more you have, the better the reward!


1 – 3 coupons: 10 Merc Recovery Potions
4 – 8 coupons: 30 Merc Recovery Potions
9 – 14 coupons: 30 Merc Recovery Potions + Hair Coupon (30 days)
15 – 22 coupons: 30 Merc Recovery Potions + Inner Armor Coupon (30 days)
23 coupons: 30 Merc Recovery Potions + Hair Coupon (30 days) + Inner Armor Coupon (30 days) + Cadet Badge (30 days)

Study hard Mercenaries! The day of the quiz is near. Your knowledge of the game will be tested, so replay past episodes, run through old battle quests and become a Vindictus Quiz Champion.