Vindictus 2nd Anniversary

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Date: 10/11/2012 | 


Vindictus’s 2nd year anniversary draws near, and we’d like to celebrate this momentous occasion by thanking all of you – the people who have made Vindictus what it is! The road ahead is full of new experiences, and we promise it’s an adventure you don’t want to miss.

So let’s kick this Anniversary off by running the first ever Level Rush Event! From October 11th – 31st, any new character you create will receive an automatic LEVEL 50 BOOST… you heard right, level 1 to 50 instantly! And you wouldn’t want to have a Lv. 50 character without gear. Upon creating your Lv. 50 character, you’ll also receive the following items:

Note: All these items are untradeable.

(Evie Only)

+5 Ivory Staff & Scythe

+3 Exquisite Temptress Set

(Karok Only)

+5 Ivory Pillar & Cestus

+3 Exquisite Barbarous Set

(Kai Only)

+5 Ivory Bow

Death Wind Set

(Lann Only)

+5 Ivory Twin Sword & Spear

+3 Exquisite Sinister Set

(Fiona Only)

+5 Ivory Long Sword & Hammer

+3 Knight & Horn Shield

+3 Exquisite Shining Will Set

All Characters

Trainee’s HP Potion X80

Trainee’s Phoenix Feather X4

Trainee’s Armor Temporary Repair Kit X10

Trainee’s Spear X14

Trainee’s Mind Bomb X10

AP 20000 Capsule

We’ve put together a special itinerary for the next few weeks to commemorate Vindictus’s 2nd Year Anniversary. We’ve got a variety of Events and Sales, as a token of our appreciation for our amazing players. So please check back here every FRIDAY for new Sale & Event information.

Join us in celebrating Vindictus’s 2nd anniversary with 3 weekends full of sales and events!

Level 60 Bonus Reward

As an added bonus or incentive, the Cadet Badge will be awarded to all Level Rush characters that reaches level 60 before October 24th. This reward will be allocated to all players during the server maintenance.

Level Rush Package

Head over to the Supply Depot and check out the new Level Rush Package. It contains all the necessities and its on sale for 50% off. This Sale wont last long so Take full advantage of the Level Rush Event and this amazing offer.

Anniversary SALE #1 (OCT 15th - 16th)

Change up your look with new inner armor and hair or increase your carrying capacity with a Storage Expansion!

Dazzle ‘em Dead Package (30% OFF)
Permanent Storage Expansion (30% OFF)

(The discounted items will be available in the EVENTS tab of the Supply Depot)

Anniversary SALE #2 (OCT 20th - 21st)

Stock up on some surprise supplies!

Weapon Surprise Supplies (30% OFF)
Armor Surprise Supplies (30% OFF)

(The discounted items will be available in the EVENTS tab of the Supply Depot)

Anniversary SALE #3 (OCT 27th - 28th)

Dye, enhance, enchant, or fuse your items and unleash your inner mercenary!
Dye Ampules (30% OFF)
Enhancement Rune (30% OFF)
Enchantment Rune (30% OFF)

Happy Anniversary EVENT (OCT 27th - 28th)

October 27th is Vindictus’s official anniversary, and we’ve got a huge event for the occasion! Make sure you check out the Halloween Pumpkin Event and the Random Gift Giveaway Events, and enjoy double EXP and +1 to raids!
2x EXP Event
+3 Raids Event

(The discounted items will be available in the EVENTS tab of the Supply Depot)