Huge Sale for National Pet Month

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Date: 4/16/2014 | 

Every great warrior needs a stalwart companion by their side. A loyal animal can protect a mercenary from dangerous enemies, hunt for food, or merely provide warmth and friendship in the direst of times.

May is National Pet Month, so Vindictus is holding a massive sale on all pets and pet-related items. Need help mining? A Chieftain can help you hoard gold and other precious minerals. Need some extra defense in combat? Then the Gremlin's the pet for you. And if you're just looking for comfort in this dark world, a Polar Bear is no stranger to hardship.

Date Wednesday, April 16 – Wednesday, June 18
Details The following Individual pets are now 50% off:
  • Gremlins
  • Bears
  • Chieftains
  • Wolves
The following pet-related items are now 50% off:
  • Life-Giver Gem
  • Thick Hide Gem
  • Relentless Assault Gem
  • Premium Pet Feed
All Pet Packages now 65% off.
If you're feeling lonely in the dungeons of Vindictus, let a pet join you in your quest. Save big this spring and start a friendship that will last forever.