Reset Security Code

The Crimson Blade Security Code

You already know that Vindictus is full of nasty creatures dying to peel the flesh from your bones, but did you know that Fomors lurk in the shadows of our own world as well? Our Fomors are called hackers, phishers, and scammers, and they want to steal your information and use it for their own nefarious ends. To help you combat them, we've added an extra layer of security to Vindictus called the Crimson Blade Security Code, which will help protect your characters if your Nexon account is ever compromised.

Activating Your Security Code

  • Click the "Set Security Code" button in the lower-left corner of the Character Select screen. Enter a minimum of six characters and make sure it's a sequence you'll remember.
  • Write down your security code for good measure!
  • Once you feel that your security code is secure, enter it again to confirm, and press the OK button to lock it in place.
  • The Crimson Blades will now keep a firm watch over your account!

Note: The keypad will scramble between each selection, so pay attention to the actual numbers you pick.

Resetting Your Security Code

If you would like to reset your security code at any point, click the "Reset Security Code" button. A confirmation link will be sent to the email address you provided.

Again, please be sure to WRITE DOWN your security code. You don't want to come up guessing when you face down a Crimson Blade guardsman!

If you still cannot access your account, please contact Customer Support and submit a ticket through the appropriate selection that best relates to your issue.
Nexon cares about the security of your account, and we hope the Crimson Blade Security Code will provide better assistance by giving you the support you need.