Returning Warrior Events

  • 4 years ago

As you venture out into Lochlann's corrupted fields and beyond, you're going to need all the backup you can find. An experienced warrior at your side, a powerful spell enchanting your blade and... the finest earrings glinting in the starlight. Three events arrive for the month of June, here to help you grow stronger as the story of Lochlann unfolds.

Returning Veteran Event

As we enter a new land with a host of new threats, we want as many of our old friends to return to the world of Vindictus. Anyone who hasn't logged into Vindictus for the last 30 days will gain a special Clover Bonus to get them back into the fight!


Players with this Clover Bonus will enjoy bonus Battle EXP, Battle AP, evil core drops, and a bonus battle Redeployment Coupon! If you’re not a returning warrior, make sure to look for boats with a Clover when looking at the mission board to receive bonuses and collect coupons for yourself when you complete a battle with them.


Redeployment Coupons can be used in the Return Shop when talking to the Travelers in the Colhen Inn or the Rocheste Dormitory. Cash Shop items included are Dye Ampoules, Blessing Stones, Goddess Graces, VIP/VVIP services, and the exclusive Tin-Can Robot outfitter for males or the Aurora Princess Set for females. These outfits are exclusive to the Return Shop, so make sure you help out your fellow returning warriors and collect those coupons!


Event Name Returning Veterans Event
Event Start Wednesday, June 1st, 2016 (End of Maintenance)
Event End Wednesday, July 27th, 2016 (Start of Maintenance)
Event Details
  • Players that have not logged into Vindictus for 30 days will receive the Clover Bonus, granting:
    • +50% Battle EXP
    • +10 Battle AP
    • Bonus Battle Reward Core
    • Bonus Battle Redeployment Coupon
  • All players in the same Battle Quest as a Returning Veteran will receive the Clover Bonus for that quest
  • Speak to the Strange Traveler in Colhen or Rocheste to exchange your Redeployment Coupons for a variety of rewards
Redeployment Coupon Rewards
  • 50x Redeployment Coupons: Tin Can Robot Set
  • 50x Redeployment Coupons: Aurora Princess Set
  • 45x Redeployment Coupons: 7 Day VVIP Service (once per character)
  • 40x Redeployment Coupons: Experimental Avatar Dye Ampoule
  • 30x Redeployment Coupons: 7 Day VIP Service (once per character)
  • 30x Redeployment Coupons: Clodagh's Experimental Dye Ampoule
  • 15x Redeployment Coupons: 7 Day Unlimited Inner Armor Pass
  • 15x Redeployment Coupons: 2x Goddess Grace (Party)
  • 10x Redeployment Coupons: 3x Goddess Grace
  • 10x Redeployment Coupons: 7 Day Unlimited Hair Pass
  • 10x Redeployment Coupons: 3x Divine Blessing Stone
  • 5x Redeployment Coupons: 3x EXP Blessing Stone
  • 5x Redeployment Coupons: 3x AP Blessing Stone
  • 5x Redeployment Coupons: 3x Luck Blessing Stone
  • Must be a male character to purchase the Tin-Can Robot Set
  • Must be a female character to purchase the Aurora Princess Set

Faint Essence Event

Eochaid's Essence is the key to crafting the newest earrings, but it may not be the easiest material to claim... so maybe a substitution will do. For the first four weeks of Eochaid's release, special Eochaid's Faint Essence can be claimed by defeating Eochaid. Trade five of them into the Essence Shop to claim Eochaid's Essence, the most important material needed for the Innocent Tear and Innocent Cry earrings!

Event Name Faint Essence Event
Event Start Wednesday, June 1st, 2016 (End of Maintenance)
Event End Wednesday, June 29th, 2016 (Start of Maintenance)
Event Details
  • In addition to Eochaid's normal drops, Eochaid's Faint Essence may also be looted
  • Trade 5 Eochaid's Faint Essence into the Exchange Shop for one Eochaid's Essence
  • Eochaid's Faint Essence can be traded to other players

Enchant Exchange Shop Event

Getting the right enchant for your equipment is one of the keys to success in Vindictus, but it's always been a bit tricky to find the ones you need. For the next six weeks we're going to make it a whole lot easier by putting dozens of Enchants into the Exchange Shop, including plenty of top tier Enchants!

By completing certain Raid Battle you complete, you'll earn a coupon that can be traded in for the specific Enchant you want. The more powerful the Enchant, the more Coupons needed to obtain it, so make your purchases wisely. You'll have until July 14th to claim your Enchants, so get a move on!

Event Name Enchant Exchange Shop Event
Event Start Wednesday, June 1st, 2016 (End of Maintenance)
Event End Thursday, July 14th, 2016 (Start of Maintenance)
Event Details
  • Complete certain Raid Battle on Normal or higher difficulty to claim a Forbidden Ancient Coin
  • Can earn a maximum of 20 Forbidden Ancient Coins per character per day
  • Go to the Exchange Shop and exchange coins for a specific enchant scroll
Available Enchant Scrolls
  • 60 Coins: Enlightened
  • 60 Coins: Immoral
  • 60 Coins: Reinforced
  • 60 Coins: Righteous
  • 50 Coins: Echoing
  • 50 Coins: Judgment
  • 40 Coins: Enthusiastic
  • 40 Coins: Starlight
  • 40 Coins: Temporal
  • 30 Coins: Declarative
  • 30 Coins: Silent
  • 30 Coins: The Dead
  • 25 Coins: Spirited
  • 20 Coins: Fast
  • 20 Coins: Memorable
  • 20 Coins: Well-balanced
  • 15 Coins: Expeditionary
  • 15 Coins: Passion
  • 10 Coins: Berserker
  • 10 Coins: Bloodlust
  • 10 Coins: Crescent Moonlight's
  • 10 Coins: Force
  • 10 Coins: Maelstrom
  • 5 Coins: Adjusted
  • 5 Coins: Armadillo
  • 5 Coins: Brilliance
  • 5 Coins: Chance
  • 5 Coins: Consistent
  • 5 Coins: Deadly
  • 5 Coins: Diamond
  • 5 Coins: Divine Punishment
  • 5 Coins: Dominance
  • 5 Coins: Enhanced
  • 5 Coins: Explosive
  • 5 Coins: Extreme
  • 5 Coins: Fleet
  • 5 Coins: Fresh
  • 5 Coins: Gallant
  • 5 Coins: Hateful
  • 5 Coins: Healthy
  • 5 Coins: Impending
  • 5 Coins: Intense
  • 5 Coins: Leopard's
  • 5 Coins: Master
  • 5 Coins: Ornate
  • 5 Coins: Relentless
  • 5 Coins: Resilient
  • 5 Coins: Resistant
  • 5 Coins: Rounded
  • 5 Coins: Safety
  • 5 Coins: Sentinel
  • 5 Coins: Significant
  • 5 Coins: Solid
  • 5 Coins: Stigma
  • 5 Coins: Stone
  • 5 Coins: Strong
  • 5 Coins: Tricky
  • 5 Coins: Tutelary
  • 5 Coins: Twinkling
  • 5 Coins: Valor
  • 5 Coins: Warlord's
  • 5 Coins: Yeti
  • 5 Coins: Zeal
Complete these Raids for Ancient Coins
  • The Fomorian Leader
  • The Giant
  • The Dark, Dank Sewers
  • The Central Garden
  • Ahglan the Golem
  • Secret Naughty Chamber
  • Avatar of Destruction
  • Betrayal
  • The Evil One
  • Colru the Golem
  • The God of Fomors
  • An Ancient Race
  • Frosted Omen
  • Guardian of the East
  • Guardian of the West
  • Earthborn Seal
  • Frostborn Seal
  • Timeless Rage
  • Fate and Destiny
  • Lakoria
  • From the Depths
  • A Ruler's Refuge
  • Devil in the Water
  • Princess of the Desert
  • Guardian
  • Memory of the Past
  • Death's Shadow
  • The Pinnacle
  • The Deep Mines
  • Bizarre Machine
  • Into the Abyss
  • Desolate Malina
  • Gates of Hell
  • Burning Temple
  • God of Death
  • Queen of the Cursed
  • Refuge of the Dead
  • Requiem of the Lost One