Vindictus Service Migration Announcement

  • 3 years ago

Dear Vindictus players,

On June 8, preparations will begin to migrate the Nexon Europe Vindictus service to the same Nexon Global platform launcher currently used by Nexon America. This migration is part of our ongoing commitment to better position the company for growth across the Western market.

In addition to bringing all Nexon Europe and Nexon America Vindictus players onto the same service, this migration will combine billing, customer support and other player-focused services. When the migration of the Nexon Europe Vindictus service is completed later this year, European Vindictus players will be getting all the latest content updates even faster than before.

What does this mean for you?

If you are a Nexon America player, there is no real impact to your service. Once the game migration phase is completed later this year, the existing Europe Vindictus servers will be available to you when you log into the game. This will allow you to create characters to play with your European friends if you wish to do so.

As a Nexon Europe player, there will be some behind-the-scenes actions to migrate your account to the new service and allow you to play on the new combined Global Vindictus service. First, you will need to opt into the new Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, and then we will be able to migrate your Nexon account, NX, and character data to the new service. The exact migration of these elements will happen in phases, with the initial account migration phase beginning tomorrow, June 8.

Once the game migration phase is complete later this year, all Nexon Europe Vindictus players will be able to access the new GVS service and you will be able to play on the Europe servers with your existing characters and in-game content as well as creating new characters on the North American servers if desired. There is nothing to worry about and no data will be lost between services.

You will need the Nexon Global Platform launcher to play the game going forward. Please keep in mind that current Europe Vindictus players will only be able to play on the new GVS service if they opt-in to the new service and accept the new Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. We can legally only allow access to players who opt into the new service, so if you don't opt in, you will not be able to play Vindictus once the transfer takes place, until you accept the new terms.

A full Q&A on the service migration and what it means for you is available on the Vindictus forum.

We hope that this move will allow us to better service the Vindictus community.

The Vindictus Team