Hero Mode and Karok Update

  • 5 years ago

In the world of Vindictus, the summer months are a brief moment of relaxation for mercenaries. It is the only time of the year that the rains truly cease, and be it the increased heat or sunlight, something makes Fomors and other monsters less likely to emerge from the dank holes they call home.

Karok has taken this opportunity to hone his pillar into a weapon of even greater power. He'll need it: the new Hero Mode makes even the easiest dungeon a true challenge.

No longer harried by monster attacks, the townsfolk of Vindictus have started to host carnivals, fairs and other events to celebrate the warm weather. Take part in the month long Golden Time Event or participate in Monster Bingo.

Read on for more details...


Hero Mode: The Ultimate Challenge

Several Battle Quests can now be played on Hero Mode, which is only available to Level 70 mercenaries. Hero Mode increases the strength and attack damage of monsters and bosses, meaning you will need to be a truly skilled warrior to survive. If you make it to the end, you will be rewarded for your struggles with greater rewards than a normal Battle Quest.

Hero Mode is available on the following Battle Quests: The Giant, The Dark, Dank Sewers, The Central Garden, Ahglan the Golem, Avatar of Destruction and The Fomorian Leader.

Golden Time Event

The Golden Time Stamp Event is the hot time event to end all hot time events. Not only will you get a box of rewards every weekend for five weeks just for logging in, but each week features events and sales to help you turn your mercenary into the deadliest warrior. Collect stamps throughout the month and trade them in with the Strange Traveler to score even more rewards.


Monster Bingo

In addition to the Golden Time Stamp Event, we're hosting a game of bingo... with a twist. Slay monsters to collect Bingo numbers. Complete a set and win big! You can gain additional numbers with Pink Tickets, which can be acquired via the Golden Time Event.


New Ultimate Package and Costumes in the Cash Shop

If you're new to Vindictus, then our newest package is the best place to start. Featuring VIP Service, Merc Recovery Potions and Goddess Graces, the Ultimate Starter Package has everything you need to hit the ground running. If you're looking to change your style and get into the summer spirit, then you should check out the new Matador and Flamenco outfits.



Clash of the Karok's Event


In celebration of Karok’s Revamp, we have a big contest happening right now! “Clash of the Karoks” is all about showing us your most epic clashing moments. Enter in the contest for a chance at winning cool Vindictus swag and in game prizes.



Character Revamp: Karok

With evil looming on the horizon, Karok has been busy training and improving his skills. His Pillar has been overhauled, with increased attack range and speed. Damage and knockdown damage from Pillar Toss has also been increased. Karok's War Slam ability is now far more powerful, and can be linked after all other types of smash attacks. You can also link the Crushing Sweep skill after activating War Slam.

Karok can also upgrade several skills to Rank 6, including Howl, Earthquake, Whirlwind, Absorb Shock, Crushing Sweep, Unarmed Combat and Pillar Toss.

Battle Pillar Karok

Absorb Shock
- Can now be trained up to Rank 6.
- Perfect Absorb Shock can now be triggered during the first part of smash attacks performed with the Battle Pillar.
- Recovery speed has been increased.
- The allowed Absorb Shock trigger time from Dropkick has increased.

War Slam
- Can now be linked after all smash attacks.
- You can now change directions when using War Slam.
- Stamina cost will now be based on the skill’s rank.
- At Rank 6, Active: Crushing Sweep can now be linked after War Slam.
- A 5 stage status will be applied after linking War Slam and Active: Crushing Sweep. The higher the stage, the higher the bonus damage and the more stamina recovered when Crushing Sweep is performed.

Pillar Toss
- Can now be trained up to Rank 6.
- Damage and knock down damage have been increased.
- Smash Mastery will now affect Pillar Toss.
- Time taken for pillar to return has been reduced.
- You can pick up the pillar while dodging with the grab button (only works while near pillar).
- Strength Recovery added after Pillar Toss.
- Fatigued Arms debuff removed after Pillar Toss. Pillar can be tossed freely.

Active: Howl
- Can now be trained up to Rank 6.
- Will now be applied to party at Rank 9 and above.

Active: Earthquake
- Can now be trained up to Rank 6.
- Slow effect has been removed.
- Will now stun monsters.

Active: Whirlwind
- Can now be trained up to Rank 6.

Active: Crushing Sweep
- Can now be trained up to Rank 6.

New Skill: Pillar Counter
- Can be learned after achieving Rank A in Absorb Shock. - Inflicts additional damage when absorb shock triggers during a Smash attack. - More damage and knockdown at higher ranks.

New Skill: Jumbo Pounce
- Perform an extra attack after performing a smash hit.
- More damage and knockdown at higher ranks.

Additional Changes
- Basic Clash damage has increased.
- Clash will now deal additional damage based on how long it’s maintained.
- Normal and smash attack range have been increased.
- Basic kick attack, speed and decision method will be updated.
- Karok's Power Grab prioritized over Evil Core.



System Improvements/Changes

- Jumping has been removed.
- Shared inventory has been added so that certain equipment and items, as well as cash items, can now be shared amongst characters within the same account.
- Added a sound effect for Hurk picking up objects.
- Made minor changes to how the title Spirited Fighter, Iron-Willed Fighter, Resourceful Fighter, and Indomitable Fighter were obtained.
- Added an error message that appears when you're over the max gold limit for trading in the Marketplace.
- Made a change when there is a grabable opponent and an Evil Core is near your character, character will prioritize grabbing the opponent over the Evil Core.
- Added the Avatar Shop "Louie the Cat", stationed between the Rocheste Dock Entrance/Marketplace Message Board.
- Made changes to update the Tour of Duty item.
- Made changes to the Story "Bleeding Plant". The Item Wild Berry should be easier to obtain.
- Made change to the Bloody Shade plant, now adds M. ATT as well.
- Added a message showing that you cannot place Avatar Items in the Power Infusion UI.
- Made a change so that Fiona will need to Perfect Guard against Smash attacks in PvP in order to guard successfully. (Heavy Stander is unchanged)
- Removed the 8-29 and 30-49 level difficulties in Season 2 dungeons.



Bug Fixes

- The awkward War Slam attack decision has been fixed.
- Bug where skill rank wasn’t applied to Active: Whirlwind has been fixed.
- Fixed a bug where Active: Howl was shown in Quick Slot when Cestus was equipped.
- Fixed a bug where Weaving decision disappeared from 1 hit smash attacks performed with the Cestus.
- Fixed a bug where Pillar Karok’s attack motion also shook other players’ screens.
- Now, attack motions will be prioritized when pressing certain keys during combat.
- Fixed a bug where equipment appearance was awkward after changing Karok’s appearance with the Appearance Alteration Coupon.
- Fixed a bug where some attacks couldn’t be avoided with the Weaving or Absorb Shock skills.
- Made improvements to mitigate the likelihood of Ghost boats being created.
- Fixed a bug where guild reward mail could not be claimed.
- Fixed a bug where pet disappears when moving form town to the dock.
- Fixed bug where items could not be previewed using DirectX 8.0.
- Fixed bug where the Destroyed Friendship Sword couldn't be collected for the relevant Story.
- Made adjustments to the following titles so that they are obtained after fulfilling the proper criteria: Spider Destroyer, Vengeful, Jaded by the Tyrant, Decisively Easy, Kobold Commander Slayer, Firefighter, and Going Mad.
- Fixed a bug where Fullness for a pet was reset when adding Pet Auto Feed, then logging in with another character.
- Fixed a bug where pets didn't summon properly.
- Fixed a bug where you could get locked up in certain areas in Ship Graveryard after defeating certain bosses.
- Fixed a bug where you couldn't walk to Rocheste if you were below level 20.
- Fixed a bug with the Bonus Mission "Defeat 4 Goblin Petty Officers" in the "Secret" Battle Quest.
- Fixed a bug where the /escape command cannot used when Karok equips a Cestus.
- Fixed a bug where if you leave an area in Season 2 dungeon without defeating all the enemies, the boss monster will not spawn if you go back there.
- Fixed a bug where the Oblivion Echant couldn't be used on certain Ivory weapons.


Summer is so fun it often feels like it's over before it's even begun. Don't miss out on all the excitement in Vindictus this season.