Lann, Vella, Fiona and Kai Revamps

  • 5 years ago

New threats are always on the rise in Vindictus, forcing mercenaries like Lann and Fiona to live a life of hardship as they struggle to hold back the tide of evil. Thankfully, new scrolls uncovered by some of the wisest sages in the land are helping these brave warriors tap into new reservoirs of strength and resilience.

With the new character revamp you can upgrade your skills and master even the toughest challenges Vindictus has to offer. Read on for more details and a rundown on all the new additions this month:



Celebrate the Arrival of Spring

It's been a long, hard winter in Rocheste and everyone from Gwynn to Ceara is happy to see flowers blooming and animals emerging from hibernation. Spirits are being lifted and everyone wants to celebrate!

Join in on the fun with the Spring Vacation Event, a rambunctious fruit fight sure to get you in a warm mood. Or, prepare for the new skill upgrades with the Character Revamp Event, which will give you substantial AP boosts.



New Shipment of Goods at the Cash Shop

With the snow melting and trade routes reopening, the merchants of Vindictus have whole warehouses full of new wares ready to be sold. Get your character up to speed with the AP Package, try on new inner armors, or dress like a Venetian with a new outfit. Spring is the most exciting time of the year for fashion, so don't miss out on all the new styles!



Character Revamp

With intimidating new dungeons and terrifying bosses including Bark No. 1, the mercenaries of Vindictus desperately need a boost. With the new skill revamp, several characters will now be able to boost preexisting skills to Level 6, while Lann will receive three brand new skills.





New Skill: Quick Fury Infusion
- Can be learned upon reaching Level 60 but only after learning Fury Infusion. Requires 250 SP and allows you to use Fury Infusion while Moonsplitter or Hurricane is active.

New Skill: Windmill Boost
- Can be learned upon reaching Level 20 but only after learning Windmill. Allows you to initiate a 2-hit smash immediately after using Windmill.

Additional Changes:
- The hit box for Lann's Twin Spears Sudden Shock has been increased. You can now switch more quickly to a 1-hit normal attack after using the Twin Spears dodge skill.




Six new skill titles have been added for Kai. In addition, the following skills can now be ranked up to Level 6:

Bow Kai Cross Gun Kai
Arrow Storm
Eagle-Eye Assault
Chain Link
Prey Drive
Twister Kick
Rapid Fire
Gale Kick
Ricochet Shot
Hollow Shot
Hand Bomb
Armed & Dangerous
Spin Smash
SP: Six Shooter
SP: Massive Impact
SP: Bolt Storm
SP: Hunting Party


New Skill Titles
Handy Bigshot Quick Draw Desperado Pulverizer Social Animal




Five new skill titles have been added for Vella. In addition, the following skills can now be ranked up to Level 6:

Frost Jack
Bitter Gale
Double Cross
Tumult Blade
Active: Red Blizzard
Active: Black Ice
Active: Blood Chill
Active: Glacier Terminus
Active: Heart of Ice
Cross Cut


New Skill Titles
Crimson Storm Frostbitten Manipulator On the Edge Cold-hearted




Six of Fiona's skills have been revamped, including:
Heavy Stander Counter
- Upon reaching Rank A, you will now need to press [Normal Attack] + [Smash] to perform the Heavy Stander Counter move after successfully guarding against an enemy attack.

Downward Counter
- Direction of the Downward Counter skill can now be controlled.

Active: Shield Dash
- Can now be ranked up to Level 5.

Active: Shield Enhancement
- Can now be ranked up to Level 6. Skill's effect now lasts for 2 minutes and cooldown time has been changed to 2 minutes 10 seconds. For every increase in rank Shield Enhancement gains a 5% boost to damage. If Perfect Guard is successfully enabled it now lasts for an additional 5 seconds.
- On top of Perfect Guard, you can also increase the duration by 5 seconds by doing a 2nd counterattack while this skill is active. The second counterattack damage color has changed to yellow while the skill is active. Also does more damage.

Active: Taunt
- Overall cooldown has been reduced in each rank. By rank 6 (the highest rank), cooldown is at 3 minutes.

- Damage increase amount has been changed for each rank.

Active: Shield Charge
- Shield Charge has been changed to a single hit-type attack. Now when it is used, Slashing High effect is applied and targets will Flinch (Stun) when attacked.

Butterfly Swing
- If skill is used with a long hammer while Slashing High is active, the smash button can be pressed to continue Butterfly Swing.
- The combo input has been changed while the Slashing High skill is active. It is now 3x Normal Attack, 1x Smash attack (can be continued), 1x Normal Attack, 2x Smash Attack (2nd smash can be held to charge the hammer for a more powerful attack)



System Improvements/Changes

- Ferry to Rocheste from Malina, and vise versa, added to the corresponding towns.
- Texture adjustments made to the Steam Hero Outfit.
- Modified description of Max Durability Increase Potion & Max Durability Increase Potion (Gift).
- Changed where the Spirit Tattoo would appear on the character when selecting it in the Avatar Shop.
- Added a function so Pets can be previewed in the inventory (Hold Ctrl while hovering over the Pet Icon in your NX inventory to view). - The following 7 day equipment package descriptions have been modified to mention that set bonuses are NOT included: Lann's Dark Crest Set +5 Package (7Days), Fiona's Holy Wing Half Plate + 5(7Days), Evie's Vehemence Set +5 Package (7 Days), Karok's Cualllemeach Set +5 Package, Kai's Deathwind Set +5 Package (7 Days), Vella's White Shark Set +5 Package (7 Days), and Hurk's K-9 Set +5 Package (7 Days).



Bug Fixes

- Fixed a bug that prevented Kai’s Armed & Dangerous damage from increasing with skill rank.
- Fixed a very short awkward motion that occurs when using Fiona’s Stigma Hammer skill without charging.
- Fixed a bug where Gwynn and Marrec sometimes inexplicably disappear, preventing story progress.
- Made some adjustments to Battle Quests "The Secret, Snowman Alert, Yeti King".
- Fixed an issue where using Evie's Casting Save decreased performance.
- Fixed an issue with the Frost Peak Set story.
- Fixed an issue with the Weeping Forest story.
- Fixed an issue with Karok's Absorb Shock skill.
- Fixed an issue with the Hurk tutorial videos in the Prologue and Mercenary Training Site.
- Fixed an issue where the Battle Quest didn't end properly after the boss is defeated.
- Fixed an issue with Vella's Blade Heart skill.
- Fixed an issue where the story Ellis's Question Paradise would function incorrectly if Ellis is already dead.
- Fixed a clipping issue with the Dark Angel Outfit (Male).
- Misc. text has been fixed and adjusted.



Terrors too great to imagine still cloud the land, shrouding all in darkness. Something evil is coming... take advantage of the character revamp and spring events to prepare yourself. It will require all the courage you can muster.