Enter the Arena - New PvP System

  • 5 years ago

Every mercenary, warrior and barbarian under the sun loves to kill monsters. Vindictus has some truly massive and terrifying bosses- have you SEEN Bark No. 1??!! –but sometimes killing wave after wave of Fomor lacks a certain... gusto.

If you want a real challenge then look no further: the PvP Arena is here. Vindictus has featured PvP modes in the past, but nothing like this. Enter the arena and face off against other skilled human players mano a mano. Got cold feet? Observe battles as a spectator and take notes to improve your game.



Two Enter. One Leaves.

When you log in to Vindictus, you'll notice a new icon in the UI menu at the bottom of your screen, in the shape of the Roman Colosseum. Click on the icon to enter the 1v1 arena, or to access other PvP modes. Note that the minimum level requirement to enter the arena is Lv. 40, though you can still observe matches at lower levels.

If you choose the 1v1 mode, you'll enter a waiting room and have your name added to the wait list if other players are currently in the arena. While you wait, you can click the Observe button to watch other mercenaries duke it out.


 Are You Not Entertained??!!



Arena matches last for 90 seconds but end automatically if a player's HP is reduced to 0. If you're pushed out of the field's boundaries, you'll receive damage every 0.5 seconds until you get back in the arena.

If you emerge victorious, you'll be rewarded with a Triumph Medal. Collect medals and trade them in to the Rocheste Battlemaster for Artifacts, new equippable items that provide powerful buffs. You can also obtain Ranking Titles so you can show off your skillz to fellow Vindictus players.

The new Arena mode is the perfect way to assert your dominance over your Vindictus rivals. With all previous PvP modes now streamlined under a single, slick interface, it's never been a better time to play.