2014, The Year of Vindictus

  • 5 years ago

January Complete Patch Notes

2013 was a banner year for Vindictus. With the release of Episode 3 and the introduction of new playable character Hurk, it was an awesome year to be a Vindictus fan. 2014 is going to be even better, and we're kicking off the year with a ton of new updates, fixes, and revamps. Read on for all the details:

Character Update
Story Update
PVP Update
Bug Fixes
  • Fiona
  • Evie
  • Vella
  • Skill/Title Storyline
  • Season 1 & 2 Storyline   
  • Battle groups modified
  • Skill Rebalancing
  • Functionality   
  • PVP
  • Items
  • Functionality
  • Interface
  • Skills



[New Skill] Shield Enhancement

  • Shield Enhancement skill can be learned upon reaching level 15.
  • Can only be used when equipping a Longsword type weapon and Small Shield.
  • Shield Enhancement is a skill that puts more power in the shield and makes the Counterattack more powerful.
  • While the effects of Shield Enhancement is maintained, the Counterattack will increase in damage.
  • Shield Enhancement requires 250 SP.

[New Skill] Shield Dash

  • Allows a player to keep shield raised while dashing forward.
  • When activated, you are able to dash twice in the direction of your choice.
  • Shield Dash skill can be learned upon reaching level 15.
  • The Shield Dash cooldown reduces at higher ranks.
  • Shield Dash requires 50 SP.

[REVAMP]Shield Charge

  • When using Shield Charge, a max of 4 hits can occur.
  • Each time a monster is hit, Shield Charge damage was reduced.
  • Slashing High can now be applied to Shield Charge.

[REVAMP]Focal Point skill

  • Damage has been increased and can be triggered/activated when pressing the smash button during Shield Dash.

[REVAMP]Heavy Stander Counter

  • You can now easily trigger Heavy Stander counter after a successful guard, but the damage has been reduced.


  • The cooldown for the taunt has been reduced and the duration is increased by one after each Rank.
  • The skill range has been increased along with the number of monsters effected.

[REVAMP]Fiona's Hammer play Improvement

  • When Slashing High is in effect, 2 additional attacks can be performed during Butterfly Swing, which then can be transitioned/lead into the Stigma Hammer.
  • During the Stigma Hammer phase, the speed of gathering power is increased.



[NEW SKILL] Continual Focus

  • Continual Focus allows you to continually maintain the same stage of Focus even after the Focus magic skill is used.
  • Can only be used if a staff is equipped.
  • Continual Focus can be learned upon reaching level 52
  • Continual Focus requires 125 SP

[REVAMP]Casting Save:

  • You can use focus magic and use the Casting Save right away.
  • You are able to attack 5 times in a row when Continual Focus effect is applied.

[REVAMP]Mana Amber:

  • When Mana Amber skill is cancelled or gets cancelled, you will receive no damage for a short period of time based on the skill rank.
  • Super Armor is applied for a short duration after use, the duration of this effect is increased based on the skill Rank.

[REVAMP]Fire Storm

  • The skill radius for Fire Storm hit box has been increased. You could now hit an enemy even if you were front or the side of it.
  • Damage caused by Fire Storm Rank F has been reduced for balancing.
  • The cooldown for Firestorm has been reduced.

[REVAMP]Lightning Wave

  • Damage caused by Lightning Wave Rank F has been reduced.
  • The cooldown for Lightning Wave has been reduced.

[REVAMP]Ice Spear

  • Damage caused by Ice Spear Rank F has been reduced.
  • The cooldown for Ice Spear has been reduced.

[REVAMP]Ice Blast

  • Damage caused by Ice Blast has been reduced.

[REVAMP]Ice Blow

  • The cooldown for Ice Blow has been reduced.

[REVAMP]Guided Lightning

  • The cooldown for Guided Lightning has been reduced.

[REVAMP]Fire Shock

  • The cooldown for Fire Shock has been reduced.

[REVAMP]Magic Arrow

  • Magic Arrow now grants more SP for Ranks 4 & 6.



[NEW SKILL]Sword's Will

  • Can only be used if Twin Swords are equipped.
  • Skill can be learned upon reaching level 52.
  • Sword's Will skill allows you to maintain the Blast Heart Level 3 given duration without the skill level decreasing.
  • When used, the status effect of Sword's Will has a 40 second duration.
  • Sword's Will requires 500 SP

[REVAMP]Cross Cut

  • Cross Cut is now more usable than before due to its omni-directional change.
  • You can now switch to Cross Stance after using Cross Cut.
  • You can continuously countertattack since you can now switch to Cross Stance during Cross Cut.

[REVAMP]Blade Heart

  • The effects of Blade Heart Skill has been changed.
  • Blade Heart Rank 3 can be triggered if you land a charged Gust Sting.
  • The skill rank of Blade Heart will decrease upon receiving a normal attack or knocked down hit.

[REVAMP]Typhoon Slash

  • Typhoon Slash can now be triggered if you hold the Smash button after 1 hit.
  • Skill delay for Typhoon Slash is reduced at higher ranks.
  • Typhoon Slash will not trigger if you quickly tap the Smash button.
  • 4 hit smash can be linked if you pressed Smash right after using Typhoon Slash.
  • Typhoon Skill now costs 125 SP

[REVAMP]Vella Smash Improvements (After 3 Hit Smash)

  • Weapon Swing speed has been increased.
  • Final attack after 3 hit smash damage has been increased.
  • 2 hit Smash triggers if you press Smash button after dodging.

[REVAMP]Thunderous Squall

  • The Skill rank caps has been changed, you can now reach Rank 6 for Thunderous Squall.

[REVAMP]Deadly Storm

  • The Skill rank caps has been changed, you can now reach Rank 6 for Deadly Storm.



Storyline/Battle Quest Updates

[REVAMP]Skill/Title Storyline:

  • Several skill sets have had their prerequisite storylines removed.
  • Requirements pertaining to skill storylines have been re-adjusted.
  • Since certain storylines were removed, we've adjusted the title reward to correspond with the characters level.

[REVAMP]Season 1 & 2 Storyline:

  • Some of the contents were changed/deleted.
  • Rewards for each character has been modified
  • Battle sectors of dungeons have been modified.
  • Episodes have been streamlined for better gameplay experience.
  • Carriage requirements have been removed.
  • The amount of Gold reward you will receive upon completing a Season 2 battle have been reduced.



PvP Updates

Battle Group:

  • Movement speed of the Defensive group has been increased.
  • Movement speed of the Speed group has been increased.


  • Grab could now be accomplished during the normal attacks of all characters.
  • Grab range has slightly been increased.
  • Stamina consumption in PVP has been reduced/modified for all characters.
  • In Siege Match, fixed a bug where characters would keep moving even after a bomb they were holding exploded.


  • Kai's Chain Link now has a fixed duration regardless of skill rank.
  • Fiona's Guard skill will now block all attacks including smashes.
  • The first Smash of Karok's Cestus no longer counts as Weaving.
  • Burst damage caused by Karok's Cestus has been decreased.
  • Hurk's Transcendent skill now has increased HP consumption.
  • Hurk's Dash skill is less likely to Smash.
  • Hurk's Revenge skill now properly replenishes HP.
  • Evie's Hallucination cooldown has been reduced (only in PvP).
  • Vella's Blade Heart has been rebalanced for PVP.
  • The Awakening level does not increase above level 3.
  • If a Battle Scythe wielding Evie hit while attempting to dodge before a Blink, an invincibility buff occurred for 2 seconds.



Bug Fixes/Changes


  • Raider's shoes are now visible.
  • Junior Chieftan pets now properly recognize nearby mining points.
  • Gun Kai's Perforate skill no longer causes the client to crash.
  • Combining the Champion top and Rosebud bottom no longer causes a graphical.
  • Fixed the incorrect icon image of Thor's Greatsword.
  • Modified the Shadow effect on Hurks Heremon Helmet.


  • Artifacts can no longer be traded.
  • Fixed a bug where players died while story loaded.
  • Players will now properly receive rewards upon joining a guild.
  • Players in different towns can no longer chat with one another.
  • Players Will no longer be able to Whisper to opposing team during PvP
  • Characters no longer receive SP for hitting an Evil Core.
  • Screen no longer turns black during the Battle Quest, "The Secret."
  • The Kraken no longer drops players into the ocean.
  • Players will no longer receive an incorrect error message when using a Storage Chest Expansion Ticket.
  • Fixed an issue with the Treasure Chest Evil Core crashing the client.


  • Fixed a bug where Kai's bow would freeze after consecutively activating Longbow Standing Shot.
  • Modified/revised the dialogue for the skill: Standing Endurance.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Karok's Clash skill to be used with no cooldown.


  • Fixed a bug with the Season 2 Boat UI.
  • Fixed an error with the Mission Board, My Missions time.
  • Fixed an issue with the Screenshot Error not saving to the correct directory.
  • Revised/changed some of the prologue when creating a new character
  • Added color to the users character that appears during the Dialogues with NPC's.
  • Removed the background layer/image from the Party Window
  • The Options button was moved/relocated to the second lowest position
  • The Font color of the 1:1 chat tab has been changed to red.