[EXTENDED] Delia Registration Event

  • 3 years ago


UPDATE: Didn't get your chance to register? Good news, because you've got one last chance for it: You can register for your free Delia Coronation Pack from now until 11:59 PM PDT on Tuesday, July 12th!

A new Mercenary is on her way to the battlefield of Vindictus, the star-crossed Princess Delia. As we make our way towards her arrival on Thursday, July 14th, we're giving out a special package to get Delia's feet on the ground in style!

From now through July 10th, sign up for your free Coronation Pack as part of the Delia Registration Event! This package, which can only be opened by Delia, contains powerful jewelry and more to get Delia's campaign started in style.

  • Snowflake L Epaulet (30 Days): An Accessory that grants +200 ATT, +200 M.ATT and +1 Balance
  • Snowflake R Epaulet (30 Days): An Accessory that grants +100 ATT, +100 M.ATT and +2 Balance
  • Snowflake Necklace (30 Days): A necklace that grants +400 ATT, +400 M.ATT and +10 Luck
  • Snowflake Brooch (30 Days): A badge accessory that grants +800 DEF
  • Storage Chest Expansion Ticket: Permanently expands your Storage Chest with 48 additional item slots
  • Platinum Tiara: A gender-specific headpiece that grants +50 DEF and +2 Critical Resistance

This offer applies to all accounts in good standing that were created before June 24th and have a Level 20 character or higher by the time July 11th rolls around. Just head to the Delia Registration Event and click the register button to sign up, and come back on July 14th claim your package and see the star-crossed Princess for yourself!