Exquisite Chest Events

  • 3 years ago

It's been a year since our last Treasure Chest event, and even longer since the Fruit Fight event has been around. We're bringing both back around this month to give you a wealth of rewards no matter what you want to play. We're also easing you into the new normal for Royal Army Raids by giving you three Royal Army Raids each day for the next two weeks. Check it all out below!

Exquisite Chest Event

It's time for a new Treasure Chest event! This Exquisite Chest Event is much like previous Treasure Chest events, but with a new list of rewards and an Attendance Event to boot!

Gilded Exquisite Chest Wings

The wide array of gorgeous wings in the Exquisite Chest and Gilded Exquisite Chests remain the same, but we've added Airtight items, the Succubus Wing Package and more! All you need to do to win free items is to run Battle Quests as normal. After defeating the last boss of the quest, you'll earn either an Exquisite Chest, Exquisite Chest Key or a Gilded Exquisite Chest.

Exquisite Chest Wings

Open the Exquisite Chests with Exquisite Chest Keys, and Gilded Exquisite Chests with Gilded Exquisite Chest Keys from the Supply Depot, or by taking advantage of the Exquisite Chest Attendance Event below!

Event Exquisite Chest Event
Event Start Wednesday, August 17th, 2016 (End of Maintenance)
Event End Wednesday, September 7th, 2016 (Start of Maintenance)
  • Complete Battle Quests to earn Gilded Exquisite Chests, Exquisite Chests and Exquisite Chest Keys
  • Gilded Exquisite Chests can only be opened by Gilded Exquisite Chest Keys, which can be purchased from the Supply Depot or earned from the Exquisite Chest Attendance Event
  • Exquisite Chests can only be opened by Exquisite Chest Keys
Event Rewards

Gilded Exquisite Chests:

  • Chance of winning one of the following high-value items:
    • Sealed Butterfly Wings
    • White Phoenix Wings
    • Phoenix Wings
    • Devil Wings
    • Twinkling Armor
    • Twinkling Earrings
    • Twinkling Leggings
    • Twinkling Bracelet
    • Twinkling Shoes
    • Succubus Wings Jacket Pack
    • Airtight Weapon Fusion Rune (Gift)
    • Airtight Premium Weapon Fusion Rune (Gift)
    • Airtight Storage Chest Expansion Ticket (Permanent)
    • Airtight Appearance Alteration Coupon
    • Airtight Premium Enhancement Rune
    • Airtight Exquisite Enchant Rune
    • Airtight Skill Awakening Delimiter Erg (60%)
    • Airtight AP 10000 Capsule
    • Airtight AP 5000 Capsule
  • Can also earn:
    • Filled Outfit Dye Ampoule: Black
    • Filled Outfit Dye Ampoule: White
    • Filled Clodagh's Dye Ampoule: Black
    • Filled Clodagh's Dye Ampoule: White
    • Shared Storage Coupon (90 Days)
    • Airtight Cadet Badge (30 Days)
    • Enchant Rune
    • Enhancement Rune
    • 2x Airtight Premium Armor Fusion Runes
    • Shared Storage Coupon (15 Days)
    • Airtight Home VVIP Service Package (7 Days)
    • Airtight Pure Skill Reset Capsule
    • AP 1000 Capsule
    • AP 2000 Capsule
    • 5x Airtight Max Durability Increase Potions
    • 5x Airtight Unbind Potions
    • 3x Airtight Armor Fusion Runes
    • 2x Clodagh's Dye Ampoules
    • Avatar Dye Ampoule
    • 10x Server Megaphones
    • Airtight Permanent Body Tattoo Coupon
    • Airtight Permanent Face Tattoo Coupon
    • Airtight Permanent Beard Coupon
    • Airtight Permanent Makeup Coupon
    • 10x Goddess Graces (Party)
    • 15x Goddess Graces
    • 50x Merc Recovery Potion Pluses
    • 2x Element Stones

Exquisite Chests:

  • Chance of winning one of the following high-value items:
    • Snow White Wings
    • Black Wing
    • Beautiful Silver Wings
    • Brilliant Gold Wings
  • Can also earn:
    • Premium Magic Spirit Stone
    • Premium Element Stone
    • Element Stone
    • Element Shard
    • 100 Brynn Elixir
    • 50 Brynn Elixir
    • 20 Brynn Elixir
    • Lambent Powder
    • Spirit Water
    • Magic Stone
    • Average Lambent Element Stone
    • Average Magic Stone Element Stone
    • Average Spirit Water Element Stone
    • Average Shattered Element Stone
    • 2x Element Stone Catalyst
    • 2x Magic Elixir
    • Blessed Magic Elixir
    • 3x Magic Elixir of Life
    • 8x Enhancement Stone
    • 4x Advanced Enhancement Stone
    • 2x Epic Enhancement Stone
    • Empowered Enhancement Stone
    • 8x Iron Ore
    • 4x Fine Iron Ore
    • 2x Superior Iron Ore
    • Exquisite Iron Ore
    • 20x HP Potion
    • 10x Fine HP Potion
    • 5x Superior HP Potion
    • 2x Magic Powder
    • Blessed Magic Powder
    • 10x Merc Recovery Potions (Gift)
    • Goddess Grace (Gift)
    • AP 100 Capsule
    • AP 50 Capsule
  • Wings earned from this event are Chest Gear items, and will not fit in the Wing slot
  • Airtight items can be traded to other players

Exquisite Chest Attendance Event

Want to open your Gilded Exquisite Chests without spending NX or relying on the regular Exquisite Chests? We're giving away 5 Gilded Exquisite Chest Keys over the next three weeks! Every day you login will award you with another prize, but you'll need to login all 21 days for the grand prize of 1000 AP and 5 Gilded Treasure Chest Keys!

Event Exquisite Chest Attendance Event
Event Start Wednesday, August 17th, 2016 (End of Maintenance)
Event End Wednesday, September 7th, 2016 (Start of Maintenance)
  • Log in on the noted days to claim that day's prize
Event Rewards
  • Day 1: AP 100 Capsule
  • Day 2: SP Recovery Potion
  • Day 3: 5x Merc Recovery Potions
  • Day 4: Gilded Treasure Chest Key
  • Day 5: AP 200 Capsule
  • Day 6: Goddess Grace
  • Day 7: 2x Divine Blessing Stones
  • Day 8: Gilded Treasure Chest Key
  • Day 9: AP 250 Capsule
  • Day 10: 3 Day VIP Service
  • Day 11: Goddess Grace (Party)
  • Day 12: Gilded Treasure Chest Key
  • Day 13: AP 300 Capsule
  • Day 14: 5x Party Merc Recovery Potions
  • Day 15: SP Recovery Potion
  • Day 16: Gilded Treasure Chest Key
  • Day 17: 10x Merc Recovery Potions
  • Day 18: 3x Unbind Potions
  • Day 19: Clodagh's Dye Ampoule (Empty)
  • Day 20: Gilded Treasure Chest Key
  • Day 21: AP 1000 Capsule
  • Missing a day will not cause you to skip a prize or restart from Day 1
  • Each day begins at 10:00 AM PDT (1:00 PM EDT / 3:00 AM AEST)
  • Rewards can be claimed immediately. Unclaimed prizes will be delivered to your character at 10:00 AM via in-game mail

Midsummer Night's Fruit Fight Event

It's time for the battle to end all battles, a bitter fight between hardened rivals that threaten to drench the beaches of Malina in the recently slain...

...I mean, fruit's alive, right? Organic at least?

The Fomors can wait, because the Midsummer Night's Fruit Fight Event is here! Join via the Exploration Boardand face off against fellow players as you grab long paddles to smash the fruit and balloons to smash your opponents. The team that destroys the most fruit will claim bonus Coupons that qualify you for a variety of prizes, including an Armor Fusion Rune, Twinkling Armor and some of the most delightful weapons available!

Event Name Midsummer Night's Fruit Fight Event
Event Start Wednesday, August 17th, 2016 (End of Maintenance)
Event End Wednesday, September 7th, 2016 (Start of Maintenance)
Event Details
  • Go to the Fruit Fight departure in the Exploration Map
  • Join a match! Each match can be started once 4 players are present
  • All equipped gear is removed for the duration of the match
  • Get Oars from either side of the arena to smash the fruit! The bigger the fruit, the more points earned
  • The box in the center holds a Beach Volleyball that can be kicked at opposing players, knocking them out of the fight for ten seconds
  • Smashing a water balloon will destroy all nearby fruit, giving your team a massive number of points
  • Avoid the paint bomb! Getting hit with one will cover your screen with paint, preventing you from seeing for several seconds
  • The final 30 seconds of each match will be Fever Time, allowing all players to move faster for the home stretch
  • The team with the most points after 3 minutes wins
  • The winning team earns 5 Fruit Fight Coupons
  • The losing team earns 2 Fruit Fight Coupons
  • Take your Fruit Fight Coupons to the Exchange Shop and cash them in for some wonderful prizes!
Event Rewards

Visit the Exchange Shop to exchange Fruit Fight Coupons for the following prizes:

  • 60x Coupons: Reilly Toy Weapons
    • All weapon types have toy weapons, including Sylas' Phantom Dagger and Delia's Bastard Sword! Check them out on the official forums
  • 50x Coupons: Emblem: Summer Festival
  • 45x Coupons: Armor Fusion Rune (1x per day per account)
  • 35x Coupons: AP 1000 Capsule
  • 25x Coupons: Fine Rose Bath Soap
  • 25x Coupons: Fine Matcha Bath Soap
  • 25x Coupons: Fine Honey Bath Soap
  • 10x Coupons: 2x Merc Recovery Potion Pluses
  • 7x Coupons: 2x Merc Recovery Potions
  • 5x Coupons: 2x Attack Boost Potions
  • 5x Coupons: 2x Stamina Potions

Royal Army Celebration Event

As we improve the Royal Army Raids, we're opening up the floodgates with three Raids available every day! For the next two weeks, you'll be able to fight the Ancient Lakoria and two other Royal Army Raids, rotating each day. Get in the fight and enjoy the improvements!

Event Name Royal Army Celebration Event
Event Start Wednesday, August 17th, 2016 (End of Maintenance)
Event End Wednesday, August 31st, 2016 (Start of Maintenance)
Event Details
  • Ancient Lakoria Royal Army Raid available every day
  • Two additional Royal Army Raids will be available, rotating through the available raids each day