Compendium: The Lann Collection

  • 4 years ago

Mercenaries, come hither.

Behold the newest installment of player guide contests: Compendium.

Compendium will include the essential player created guides for everything Vindictus. This month we're launching The Lann Collection series.

- Read the official [ DISCLAIMER ]
- Create a video (with voiced narrative) guide or a digitally illustrated guide on Lann's gameplay mechanics (any or both weapon classes).
- The video or digital guide must include info on the latest revamp skill additions.
- You can focus on anything related to Lann's gameplay styles, strategies, moves, tips, tricks etc.
- No bug exploits please!
- Video length should not exceed 20 minutes.
- Use only our North American client.
- Videos must included newly recorded footage.
- Submit your entry, Video or Digital Guide to the [ SUBMISSION THREAD ]
- Include the name of your Lann character that you would like to be rewarded, should you win. Don't forget server name as well.
- Contest ends 3/23/15 @ 11:59pm pdt.


5 Winners Total will each receive:

Lann Boost Package
This includes:
Lann Exclusive Accessory Set (7D)
Subdued Passion Peridot Belt
Adventurer's Passion Erg Core Brooch
Crescent Mon's Passoin Crescent Moon's Announcement
Fast Passion Pirate's Earrings
Enhancement Rune x3
Goddess Grace x5
Merc Recovery Potion x50
Goddess Blessing Stone x5

AP Package
This includes:
2x AP 1,000 Capsules
10x AP Blessing Stones
5x Major Skill Reset Capsule


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