The Green Gathering

  • 4 years ago

Greetings Mercenaries!

The green month is here! And it's time to celebrate with our second fashion show event! That's right, join us on Thursday and Friday for some fun times! We only ask you to do one thing... wear something green! Check the details below and let's have an awesome time!

As always, be sure to read the RULES DISCLAIMER

West Server
3/12 @ 4PM PDT.

East Server
3/13 @ 4PM PDT.

AUS Server
3/13 @ 2PM PDT. / 3/14 - 8AM AEDT.

ROCHESTE (in front of cathedral area) CHANNEL 108, 109 or 110

How can I join?
- Dye your clothes or armor in any shade of GREEN.
- You do not need to purchase anything with NX.
- Arrive to your server at the specified time / date above wearing your green outfit.
- Party with the GM / CM that will be there.
- Check the forums a week later to see the lucky 5 winners!

What could I get if I go to this Green Gathering? D:
5 Winners each per server will be chosen by staff to win the following:

The Grand Prize winner will receive:
• (5) Dyle ampoules
• (1) Dazzle Em’ Dead Package, which includes (1) permanent hair coupon and (1) permanent inner armor coupon
• (1) Vindictus themed t-shirt (size and gender type will be followed up in email)

The Runner Up Prize winners will each receive:
• (5) Dyle ampoules
• (1) Vindictus themed t-shirt