Corruption of the Goddess Update

  • 2 years ago

In our last update of 2016, you descended into the lost city of Berbhe, learning more about the horrors that turned Lochlann into a corrupted wasteland. With our January update, continue the tale of Vindictus with a new raid, new features and more with the Corruption of the Goddess Update!

New Episode: Corruption of the Goddess

The corruption that poisons the natives of Lochlann and Berbhe, that creates new, powerful creatures every day, shows no sign of stopping. The few citizens of Berbhe have one belief, however: The corruption is not some natural creation, but instead a plague being spread by someone with their own, twisted agenda.

In this latest episode of Vindictus' tale, face off in a brand new Raid battle against a pair of powerful foes: The giant monstrosity Neit and his divine master, Neamhain. Between the massive claws and incredible reach of the monstrosity and the incomparable magics of the winged goddess, this fight will be far more difficult than anything you've faced before.

Redeemers Battle

The fight against Neit and Neamhain is the first in the all-new Redeemers Battle system, a high-end, high-difficulty battle mode. With the exception of special Redeemers HP Potions, of which you can bring only 15 into each battle, no potions can be taken in. Your Goddess Graces cannot be used either and use of Phoenix Feathers is restricted further: Each party member can only be revived three times, and after the first Revive, there is an 8 minute cooldown. Watch your step carefully, know the fights and stay alive.

Your rewards for defeating a Squad Battle is not simply a new piece of armor or a fancy weapon, however. Winning the fight will grant you a Box of Conviction: Redeemers for your efforts, containing a random item, such a Season 2 Belt, Earring or Ring, an Extra Departure Ticket for a Redeemer battle, Mysterious or Abyssal Shards that can be used in Material Synthesis, a massive cache of gold or possibly a head gear item matching Neamhain's unique eyes... and you'll always gain credit towards the Redeemers powerful boosts.

The more times you complete an individual Redeemers battle, the more stat bonuses you'll receive, an effect that's always active. Defeat the Sea of Reflection battle to receive the following buffs:

  • 5 Victories: +1 Critical
  • 25 Victories: +1000 HP
  • 50 Victories: +500 ATT/M.ATT and +1 Critical
  • 75 Victories: +1 Critical and Remove ATT Limit +300
  • 100 Victories: +500 ATT/M.ATT, +2 Critical and Full Force, which can activate when using a Smash Attack on a boss, boosting the power of certain character skills

Each Redeemers battle can only be completed once per week, so make sure to get started!

Quick Battle Menu

With Battle Quests for all three seasons spread out between four battle boards across multiple locations, finding a party to do battle with is not always the simplest thing imaginable. The new Quick Battle System will streamline this entire process by letting you create and join parties without needing to seek out a Battle Board, or even needing to be in the right town!

Emote System

We're also expanding the familiar Emotes, the actions triggered by the F5-F11 keys, by giving you more emotes and control of where to place them! With five new Emotes coming to all players for free, and a baker's dozen more hitting the Supply Depot, you'll get to show off your personality, and outfits, in brand new ways.

The following Emotes are now available:

Free to All Players:

  • /Bow
  • /Jump
  • /Paper
  • /Rock
  • /Scissors

Available in the Supply Depot:

  • /Annoyed
  • /Boast
  • /Cute
  • /Determined
  • /Flirt
  • /Frightened
  • /Fury
  • /Happy
  • /Laugh
  • /Love
  • /Love2
  • /Love3
  • /Zenith?

Can be found in the Box of Conviction: Redeemers:

  • /Epidemiologist

Grand Nobility Set and More

The Corruption of the Goddess Update arrived with a brand new Emote system, and the Supply Depot is bustling with even more Emotes for everyone! Along with new Outfits, Hairstyles, Runes and more, there's plenty to buy, and you've got a big reason to do so: The more NX you spend over the next four weeks, the bigger your bonus rewards...

Check out all the details in the Grand Nobility Set and More post!

Suicide Mission Events

Battling the Redeemers is no simple task. Neit and Neamhain are two of the most powerful beings to ever appear in Vindictus, and the restrictions inherent to the Redeemers System will only make it harder. But there's a grand reward for those that manage to defeat them in the next four weeks. Take advantage of it, the return of the Monster Bingo Event and more!

Check out all the details in the Suicide Mission Events post!

Additional Changes

  • Increase rewards for the players in Royal Army Raids that deal the most damage to the Boss
    • Top Ranked Player: +300% Rewards
    • 2-4 Ranked Players: +200% Rewards
    • 5-8 Ranked Players: +100% Rewards
    • No change in rewards for all other players
  • Overall Repair Fees have been reduced
  • Guild
    • Added a new guild rank for guild members
    • Added a guild storage permission level to accommodate the new guild rank
  • Mailbox
    • Added a 'Receive All' button to the Mailbox
    • Added an 'Auto-Select' button which will check all mail which does not have an item attached
    • The 'Auto-Select' button will change to 'Delete' after use
    • Added a dropdown feature in the 'To' section when composing mail which will populate with the names of players that recently whispered the sender
  • Minimized network packet usage in rag doll effects
  • Composite Materials of Fine rank now have a maximum enhancement of +8 and maximum enchant of Rank 9
  • Players can now move to Berbhe using Resenlian's Wings
  • DEF increase with Lv. 90 armor enhance level
    • Level 90 armor will now have the same DEF value increases per enhancement
  • Added a feature to prevent the duplicate use of Goddess Graces and Goddess Graces (Party)
  • Characters can now only enhance equipment up to a maximum of 10 levels above their current level
  • Level appropriate 1-80 equipment sets are now provided as story rewards upon completion of the following storylines:
    • Gwynn's Revenge
    • Scattered Orders
    • Fate of Kirstie's Nemesis
    • Evidence
    • The Chase
    • Fare Thee Well
    • Test of a True Soldier, No. 3
    • Suspicion
    • Those Who Run, and Those Who Fight
    • The Ones Remaining: The GuardianĀ 
    • A Good Turn
  • Added On/Off function for Weapon Enhance effect
  • Secondary weapon Quick Slot can now be set in town
  • Improved Skill Awakening/Restore UI window

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a host crash which occurred during the clash with Juggernaut
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to change the rank of or remove a member of a guild when the guild has reached max members limit
  • Fixed a crash which occurred when selling an item to an NPC
  • Fixed an issue where the Growth Mission did not complete if the user leveled up 2 or more times at once
  • Fixed the Location Marker for the Berbhe Bell Tower
  • Fixed an issue where the Eochaid 'Ghostride the Whip' title wasn't being awarded properly
  • Fixed an issue where the Abyssal Arena was marked as new when it is deactivated
  • Fixed the shop text that is displayed when the Storage Chest is full
  • Fixed an issue where the Appearance Alteration Coupon would not work
  • Fixed an issue where players could not summon a pet after returning to town from an Ein Lacher battle
  • Fixed an exploit involving Fishing poles


  • Taunt type skills can no longer be used in battles which do not allow control skills
  • Fixed in issue where Argus did not awaken until attacked in Ben Chenner Summit
  • Fixed the starting location for the flight path which appears when aiming a secondary weapon
  • Fixed a crash which occurred when using Goddess Spears during the Lord Glas Ghaibhleann reverse gravity phase
  • Fixed an issue where sprinting in Abyssal Arena caused stamina to be restored the same as in Season 2 battles
  • Fixed an issue where players could not add the same ItemClass in the Favorites
  • Recovered components obtained from enhancement item destruction will no longer retain additional stats unlocked through Material Synthesis
  • Fixed an issue where the Lochlann exclusive ability Shaken was not activating against regular monsters
  • Fixed an issue where a kicked user would remain in battle
  • Fixed an issue where Enzo's Volcanic Gigabomb does not disappear
  • Fixed an issue where Grim Reaper monsters froze in the Twilight Desert battle
  • Fixed an issue where rewards were received after being kicked out of the battle
  • Fixed an issue of the client having to force-quit when proceeding into the 'Into the Abyss' raid battle
  • Fixed an issue where the client is closed abnormally when detonating the Volcanic Gigabomb in the Enzo battle
  • Fixed an issue where players could not continue playing through Hidden Truths, if players ended the game after delivering Fragrant Ointment
  • Fixed a lag issue upon using 2nd transformation in maps with hook or hanging motions
  • Fixed an issue where deleted characters could not be unblocked
  • Fixed various issues where Premium Bath Soaps could not be used
  • Fixed an issue where when a player used the 2nd Quick Slot item, the 1st Quick Slot item was deducted
  • Fixed an issue where a certain trap did not work in the battle The Inverse Blade
  • Fixed an issue where players could not kick a player who entered first in Royal Army Raids
  • Fixed an issue where the character froze after using a Goddess Grace
  • Fixed an issue where 2 light pillars were shown when a rare core dropped
  • Fixed a client crash when completing Bizarre Machine and The Pinnacle battle


  • Fixed an issue where the item information in the system message is displayed differently from the purchased item's information when purchasing the item from Marketplace
  • In game clock display will now display times in UTC for all regions
    • *Items with an expiration date will still display in local time
  • Fixed an issue where the UI display was awkward when rewarded EXP was 1,000,000 or over
  • Fixed an issue where the chat window General tab would disappear
  • Fixed an issue where the Ready button would occasionally remain during battle
  • Fixed an issue where Hot Spring messages would appear during PvP
  • Fixed an issue where Custom Titles aren't properly displayed during character introductions when departing for battle


  • Fixed Karok's Crewcut Hair appearance
  • Fixed a clipping issue with Lann's face penetrating through the Garter Plate outfit mask
  • Item preview will now display the associated color instead of default grey
  • Enabled Twinkling Legging Part 2 to be dyed


  • Fixed an issue where Mana Tracer's projectile did not automatically trace and fire at the target but instead was fired toward the camera's direction
  • Fixed an issue with Arisha not being able to move using hooks while in Mana Blade


  • Fixed an issue with the 0-hit smash not working
  • Fixed an issue where the motion for dodge, smash and guard could be used in Sports Day


  • Fixed an issue with Attack speed not being applied when using a skill saved in Casting Save right after using Continual Focus
  • Fixed a camera issue which occurred while using Rage Conductor after being forcefully turned off by certain boss attacks
  • Fixed an issue with PvP grab being slow


  • Fixed an issue where Fiona's shield disappears after being knocked back


  • Fixed an issue where Hurk's Impenetrable check was ignored often during frame drops
  • Fixed an issue where attack speed was not applied to Hurk's Execution
  • Fixed an issue where the perfect timing is short when Hurk uses Blockade while in place with the weapon held on the left
  • The duration of Revenge has been changed to 30 seconds


  • Decreased the delay in which Cross Gun Kai can dodge consecutively
  • Headshot damage is now applied to Eochaid
  • Fixed an issue where Kai was holding 2 weapon in the character selection window upon character creation
  • Fixed an issue where Bow Kai could not use Kindling Shot upon moving the sector while he's dead


  • Fixed an issue where the description in the status effect window for Blast: Crushing Strike skill Ranks F-A displayed a value that was different from the actual value
  • Fixed a client crash which occurred when Karok entered certain battles with the Swashbuckler outfit and any Cestus equipped


  • Spear Dash's invulnerability phase extended by 0.13 seconds more than previously


  • Changed Swift Assassin and Zhen Swift Assassin duration from 1 minute to indefinite


  • Fixed an issue where under specific conditions Spectral Sting could be used indefinitely without SP consumption and cooldown