Road to 85 Event

  • 4 years ago

It has been a lengthy campaign against the Fomors. We’ve had our great victories but we’ve also experienced grave losses. After years of battle, warriors have become fatigued and lost sight of what they were fighting for. Unfortunately for the ones still standing, there is more blood to be shed and many are frightened to see what lies ahead. The battered and bruised don’t know if they’ll survive this long journey…until now.

A Care Package for Your Journey


It’s time to raise that weapon and prepare for battle once again, soldier. The Road to 85 Event has arrived! Starting from Wednesday, April 1 through Friday, May 15, speak to the Strange Traveler to receive a very special Expedition Bundle to help you along your journey to level 85 so that you can be prepared for the new adventures in Season 3!


Level 10 Bundle (15-day)
Explorer Armor Set and level 10 Weapon (15-Day)
(1) AP 500 Capsule
(1) Soft Cherry Candy (Boosts ATT/M.ATT and DEF by 500 for 5 days)
(1) Unlimited Hair Pass (7-day)
(1) Unlimited Inner Armor Pass (7-day)
(1) Expedition Voucher
Level 20 Bundle (15-day) (1) AP 1000 Capsule
(1) Divine Blesing Stone (Gift)
(1) Expedition Voucher
Level 30 Bundle (15-day)
(1) AP 1500 Capsule
(1) Divine Blesing Stone (Gift)
(1) Soft Cherry Candy
(1) Expedition Voucher
Level 40 Bundle (15-day) Level 50 armor set and weapons (15-day)
(1) VIP Service (7-day)
(1) AP 2000 Capsule
(1) Expedition Voucher
Level 50 Bundle (15-day)
Level 60 armor set and weapons (15-day)
(1) Soft Cherry Candy
(1) AP 2500 Capsule
(1) Expedition Voucher
Level 60 Bundle (15-day)
Level 70 armor set and weapons (30-day)
(1) Soft Cherry Candy
(1) AP 3000 Capsule
(2) Expedition Voucher
Level 70 Bundle (30-day)
Level 80 armor set and weapons (30-day)
(1) Soft Cherry Candy
(1) AP 3500 Capsule
(2) Expedition Voucher
Level 80 Bundle (30-day)
(1) Soft Cherry Candy
(1) Enhancement Rune (Gift)
(1) AP 4000 Capsule
(3) Expedition Voucher
Level 85 Bundle (30-day)
(1) Enchant Rune (Gift)
(1) AP 5000 Capsule
(4) Expedition Voucher

Each box will be specially catered for a specific level range to help you along. These boxes reward you with enhanced time-duration armor, weapons, AP Capsules, Cash Shop items and other consumable items. Once you reach a specific level milestone, you will be given another Expedition Box to help you become stronger, faster, and tougher at the later levels of the game! This goes on until you reach level 85. Newly created characters will also receive a level 10 box as soon as the event is initiated by the player!


Event Name
Event: Expedition
Quest NPC Strange Traveler (Colhen Inn)
Expedition Bundle Distribution End
Friday, May 15 10:00 AM PDT
  • Player will receive a specific Expedition Box based on their level (ex: A level 27 player will receive a level 30 Expedition Box)
  • Expedition bundle cannot be traded
  • Expedition bundle can be found in the Cash inventory
  • Bundles will not include secondary equipment like Fiona's shield or Arisha's focus
  • This event is not open to players level 81-85, but will receive 20 Merc Recovery Potions
  • Each Expedition Bundle will have its own duration period and the countdown will start upon opening the previous bundle
  • Expired Expedition Bundles cannot be opened

Expedition Depot and Vouchers


Each bundle contains a special Expedition Voucher that can be exchanged for extremely useful items which will carry you through Season 3. If all boxes are opened starting from the level 10 bundle, you will receive a total of 16 Expedition Vouchers. Visit the Strange Traveler in Colhen to see the Expedition Depot. Vouchers can be traded in for items like VVIP capsules, artifact equipment, +8 Enhancement Coupons, and even a weapon from the powerful Armageddon weapon line! For the dedicated warriors, you are encouraged to level 2 or more characters to use a +8 Enhancement Coupon on your Armageddon weapon! Once the Expedition Depot closes on Wednesday, September 30 you will no longer be able to exchange vouchers so make sure you spend them before that time comes!

Expedition Depot Items
VVIP Service (15 Days, Gift)
Provides you with 15 days of VVIP buff. One extra raid on limited run dungeons, increased stats based on level, a chance for an extra evil core drop, daily Mercenary Potions and Goddess Grace benefits. Applies to the entire account.
Werewolf Paw (Artifact)
Increases Speed and Attack Speed by 20% for 20 seconds.
Succubus Fang (Artifact)
Restores 10% of your attack as HP during battle for 20 seconds.
War Goddess Statue (Artifact) Increases ATK and M. ATK by 1,000 for 30 seconds.
Bronze Lion (Artifact) Increases HP by 5,000 when used for 10 seconds.
Mysterious Cat Statue (Artifact) Restores 1 slot of the SP gauge.
+8 Enhancement Swap Coupon (NX) Increases enhancement level of an equipment to +8.
Armageddon Weapon Permanent level 80 weapon. Can be enhanced, enchanted, or traded.



Store Location
Strange Traveler (Colhen Inn)
Expedition Depot Closure
Wednesday, September 30, 2015 10:00 AM PDT
  • Expedition Vouchers are not tradable
  • Armageddon Weapons from the Expedition Store are tradable
  • Artifacts from the Expedition Store are not tradable
  • The +8 Enhancement Coupon from the Expedition Store is not tradable

The time is now, mercenary. Achieve the potential you know you have in you, and prepare yourself for the threat that looms on the horizon.