Season 3 Episode 0 Update

  • 3 years ago


Season 3 has finally arrived with the Episode 0 Prologue! A new story has begun, centering on a mystery that will unveil an entirely new set of horrors for the heroes of Colhen and Rocheste...

Season 3 Prologue: Rocheste by Sea

The war against the Formors appears to be in its last days, and the warriors of Colhen and Rocheste are gearing up for an epic battle that could change the future of the realm. Players that are at least Level 75 and have completed Season 2, Episode 4 will be able to begin the new season at the Crimson Blade Headquarters in Colhen, but will take you back to Rocheste to face off against a true monster of the depths that's climbed to the highest point in the city: Muir.


No armor but his scales, no weapons beyond his own body, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the twenty ton monster would be easy prey. And you would be very wrong, and soon very dead. He's not just strong enough to tear you to pieces, but he's fast too, more than able to pummel you senseless even as you try to get some distance.


But Muir's only the more visible foe in the battle. The other one? Gravity. Muir's powers include the ability to send everyone around him flying, and there's not many skills that can help you survive a hundred meter plummet to the very hard ground below. But then again, turnabout is fair play...


There's no room to run, no room to hide. So remember to hang on with all you've got and hit him hard right back!

Hot Springs

The newest and best way to prepare for battle has opened up shop! The Hot Springs allow you to give yourself an edge in the battles to come, as well as your allies, long as you don't mind showing some skin.


Just go into the Hot Springs and use a Bath Soap there to enchant the Hot Springs. For the next half hour, anyone and everyone that soaks in the Hot Springs for 30 seconds will receive a 60-120 minute boost to their stats, depending on the soap used.


You can purchase Bath Soaps from the nearby Royal Army Recruits in both Colhen and Rocheste, ranging from Basic Bath Soaps costing 5,000 Gold, and the more powerful Fine Bath Soaps costing 1,000,000 Gold for a much greater effect.


You can see who donated the Bath Soap for the channel to benefit from, so feel free to thank them for the boost, maybe share some food with your new friends and enjoy the boost before you head back into the battlefield!

Items Available Bath Soaps
Location Royal Army Recruits (Colhen and Rocheste)
Bath Soaps

Gallagher's Homemade Bath Soap

  • Effect: +50 ATT, +50 M. ATT, +50 DEF for 60 min.
  • Price: Story Reward

Rose Bath Soap

  • Effect: +100 ATT, +100 M. ATT for 90 min.
  • Price: 5,000 Gold

Matcha Bath Soap

  • Effect: +100 DEF for 90 min.
  • Price: 5,000 Gold

Honey Bath Soap

  • Effect: +200 HP, +10 Max STA, +2 SP/10s for 90 min.
  • Price: 5,000 Gold

Fine Rose Bath Soap

  • Effect: +700 ATT, +700 M. ATT for 90 min.
  • Price: 1,000,000 Gold

Fine Matcha Bath Soap

  • Effect: +700 DEF for 90 min.
  • Price: 1,000,000¬†Gold

Fine Honey Bath Soap

  • Effect: +500 HP, +30 Max STA, +3 SP/10s for 90 min.
  • Price: 1,000,000¬†Gold
  • Can only have up to 3 Bath Soap buffs at a time, only one of each type.
  • Premium Bath Soaps override all other Bath Soaps

VIP and VVIP Improvements

We've taken a long, long look at our VIP and VVIP Service items and found them wanting. Your NX is always important to us, and so we're improving these premium services to make them a far, far better deal for everyone! Not only have we slashed the prices and added in 2 and 7 day durations, but we've also improved the effects of VIP Status!

Old VIP Service New VIP Service
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The classic VIP Service remains a great deal for all of our players. In addition to the current VIP benefits of a stat boost, bonus EXP and an additional run on all raids, the regular VIP will also give your character a +50% AP Bonus for the full duration and a now guaranteed bonus Evil Core from the final boss, helping get your abilities up to full power in no time flat with the gear you need!

Old VVIP Service New VVIP Service
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But the big bonus is to the VVIP service. Across all the characters on your account, you still get the stat boost, the 50% XP Bonus, an extra Raid run and three three Goddess Graces, but there's a few more bonuses too! The 20x Merc Recover Potions are now Merc Recover Potion Pluses, you'll get +50% AP from Battle Quests, and instead of an emergency Goddess Grace a day, you'll get an additional Goddess Grace every hour if you run out of the three daily Graces!

And remember, prices on both the VIP and VVIP have dropped, with shorter and more convenient durations to boot, so become a VIP and get a leg up on the big blue beast!

Items VIP and VVIP Service
Location Supply Depot
VIP Service Improvements
  • +50% Battle AP Rewards
  • Guaranteed bonus Evil Core loot from mission final bosses
VIP Prices
  • 2 Days: 990 NX
  • 7 Days: 2,900 NX
  • 30 Days: 7,900 NX (Down from 9,000 NX, a 12% discount!)
VVIP Service Improvements
  • +50% Battle AP Rewards
  • Guaranteed bonus Evil Core loot from mission final bosses
  • 20x Merc Recover Potion Plus per day
    Up from 20x Merc Recovery Potion per day
  • Bonus +1 Goddess Grace per hour after using the 3 Daily Goddess Graces
    Up from 1x Emergency Goddess Grace/day
VVIP Prices
  • 2 Days: 1,900 NX
  • 7 Days: 4,900 NX
  • 30 Days: 14,900 NX (Down from 19,800 NX, a 25% discount!)
  • Buy one Get One on both VIP and VVIP in the Lawbringer Sales!
  • Service improvements applies to all VIP and VVIP, including aleady owned and active ones.
  • Bonus Goddess grace with VVIP is capped at one. If used, it will replenish with the next hour, but if unused will not stack with others.

Lawbringer Sales


Every frontier town needs a lawman, a sherrif, a guardian of the people and Colhen is no exception. With the Season 3 Prologue release, we've got a new outfitter for the wild west, new Inner Armor for those preferring the wild side of things, a Buy One Get One Free offer on the improved VIP and VVIP Services and more!

Check out the Lawbringer Sales post for more details.

Fancy Footwork Events


What's a new update without some special fun for you, and what's a new boss without an insane challenge to go after for a honorable title? Check out the Fancy Footwork Events post for more!

Bug Fixes and Other Changes

  • Treasure Hunt Attendance Event will now award the correct version of the Golden Treasure Chest Key
  • Fixed an issue where Lann and Vella intermittently not dodging in specific frames
  • Fixed an issue where the Heat Gauge went up even when Hurk blocked Enzo's attacks with Impenetrable
  • Evie's Meteor Smash
    • Fixed an issue where Meteor Smash would auto-target dead enemies.
    • Meteor Smash will now properly destroy destructible objects.
  • Corrected character restriction text on the Black Wolf Pet Package
  • Removed buff from bonfires

Known Issues:

  • VIP/VVIP buff description still mentions "A chance for additional boss loot"
  • Clipping issues with Sheriff Outfit with some inners

-- The Vindictus Team --