Celebrate National Underwear Day

  • 4 years ago


Wearing heavy armor to protect yourself from the Fomors can bring some fatigue on the body. Sometimes, it's just so much more comfortable to lounge around in something less bulky, especially if you spend some time recovering in the local hot spring!

Get comfortable with some high-end inner armor as we celebrate National Underwear Day in Vindictus! From August 5th through August 13th, you'll have the opportunity to snag a Permanent Inner Armor Coupon at 50% off in the Supply Depot. Select among high class inner armors for your warrior in the Avatar Shop, because this coupon can be exchanged for any Inner Armor on sale! Just make sure to use the coupon as your payment method in the final transaction window.

Sale Name National Underwear Day
Sale Start Wednesday, August 5th, 2015
Sale End Thursday, August 13th, 2015 (12:00 PM PDT)
Location Supply Depot (Hot Items -> Limited Time Offers)
  • 1x Permanent Inner Armor Coupon : 4,950 NX - *50% Off*
  • Sale limited to one per character
  • Cannot be gifted
  • "Permanent" must be selected as the duration
  • "Permanent Inner Armor Coupon" Must be selected as your Payment Method


-- The Vindictus Team --