Season 3 - Episode 3 Update

  • 4 years ago

Season 3 has been on a roll since the appearance of Muir and the encounter with the Elves of Ben Chenner, and it's time for the next chapter to the story: The Name of Erinn. With this latest chapter comes a new Raid boss, new armor, new items, a renewal of things past and much more. Take a look at what's come in Season 3 - Chapter 3 and all the battles in store.

New Raid Boss: Lord Glas Ghaibhleann

Do you remember, deep below the ruins of Ainle, when a simple investigation unveiled an ancient, shackled monster? Tall as houses, four arms with two massive blades, magic and more? Glas Ghaibhleann was the name of the creature slain that day, but what once was has come again, and he is no longer weakened by eons of captivity.

Lord Glas Ghaibhleann stands in your way again, and the speed of his swords and his diving assaults will devastate any too slow to escape him. His magic is formidable as well, sending out bursts of energy to pummel those unable to get out of the way. But his new tricks are what you will truly need to watch for.

As you wear Lord Glas down, dark voids will appear around the room, pulling any warriors near it to the core... where a very grisly fate awaits. Gravity itself is under Lord Glas' command, as he will cast his Reverse Gravity spell to lift all of his foes into the air and slamming them back to the ground... unless you can find a safe place to stand.

Lord Glas Ghaibhleann can be fought through the "Temple of the Fallen Moon" raid battle, available to characters between 80 and 90. While you can face him alone if you really want, you'd be best suited to bring a full group of eight along with you, to make sure there's someone around to pick you up off the ground. And as with all Raids, you normally only get one shot at him per day, unless you're a VIP (2) or take him on in the next few weeks, thanks to the Lord Glas Ghaibhleann Raid Event.

New Gear: Terminus Sentinel Set

As with Regina and Braha, defeating Lord Glas will unlock the ability to craft a new Armor Set, the Terminus Sentinel Set. The Keystones for this Light Armor Set can be claimed after defeating Lord Glas, letting you construct this gorgeous leather coat over metal breastplate armor, a pinnacle of style and function.

New Enchant Drops for Light and Cloth Armor

The best gear needs some good Enchants to kick it up to the next level, and what would we be if we did not oblige? Four Rank 7 Enchant Scrolls, formerly only available during limited time events, can now be acquired by defeating Season 2 Raid Bosses! While these rare scrolls will give your armor a wealth of bonuses, they can only enchant Light or Cloth armor. Those enchanting their Cloth Armor will even get a bonus of ATT and M.ATT when doing so.

Armor Renewal

As we approach Vindictus' 5th anniversary, it's long since time to take a look back at the vast amounts of equipment warriors stumble across as they advance through the story. Most armor was separated by gender, excluding a few of our newer characters, or only for a specific characters as well.

No more. We've gone through just about every piece of armor and reduced the restrictions across the board. Just about anyone will be able to put on the armor they find and take it into battle, although Hurk and Karok's massive frame will still prevent some equipment from being used. Several hundred items have been adjusted, making it far easier for those still leveling up to remain well equipped for the battles to come.

Equipment Mastery Cost Reduced

With all the powerful gear requiring high ranks of skills, AP's never been so valuable. To make it easier for everyone to get their Equipment Mastery skills up, we've dramatically reduced the AP costs for Rank 9 through Rank 5 for all Weapon and Armor skills (Excluding Large Shield Mastery, Vella's Twin Sword Mastery and Focus Mastery).

RankAP Requirement


240 (220 for Shield Mastery)
8 360 (330 for Shield Mastery)
7 520 (440 for Shield Mastery)
6 640 (550 for Shield Mastery)
5 760 (660 for Shield Mastery)

Story Completion Bonus

Those of you still working on getting through the stories of Season 1 and 2 will find a new reason to get through that last mission. Completing a Chapter from Season 1 or Season 2 will reward you with a bonus AP Capsule to help you keep above the difficulty curve. This AP amount varies based on the Chapter completed, starting at 100 AP for Chapter 1, to 500 AP for most higher level chapters, and up to 1000 AP for completing the final chapter of a Season.

Tutorial Improvement

Have friends interested in Vindictus, or just want to try out a new character? We've improved the Tutorials in the first few missions of Vindictus, to help explain the use of certain items, what aspects of the UI do, introduce the basic combos for your current class and more.

Bloody Wedding Sales

Halloween is almost here, and this month's newest outfits are in the season and wouldn't be out of place in a horror film. There's also new Inner Armors, a new Hairstyle, a new Season 3 Battle Box and even a special new face paint, perfect for the occasion.

Check out all the details in the Bloody Wedding Sales post.

Night of the Damned Events

As the end of October arrives, Halloween approaches. We have a special event tailor-made for the spooky season, where terror and candy reign supreme, and a new event to help you take Lord Glas Ghaibhleann down over and over.

Check out the details in the Night of the Damned Events post.

Other Changes

Game Improvements

  • Fishing Boat no longer requires Fishing Licenses.
  • Reduced the Hive Queen’s charge box.
  • Lowered the altitude of flying insect enemies.
  • Prologue Cinematics can now be skipped without exiting the prologue entirely, taking you to the first prologue fight instead. The Prologue can still be skipped entirely by hitting ESC after the Prologue intro cinematic ends.
  • NX items can now be deleted. To help prevent accidental loss of items, you will be prompted for confirmation before the item is deleted.
  • Daily Mission Goal Improvements:
    • "Use Phoenix Feathers": Party Members using their Phoenix Feathers will now count towards your progress on this Mission.
    • "Use HP Potion": Additional HP increasing items now count towards completion.
  • Updated Keaghan’s VO in various cutscenes.

Bug Fixes

  • Arisha: Can no longer be Controlled while using Temporal Shift.
  • Evie: Fixed problem where other drain effects disappear when all enemies targeted by Mark of Death and Bloody Thread were killed.
  • Evie: Drain release after 3-hit Smash was fixed.
  • Evie: Fixed problem with obtaining proper Release STA and Skill Awakening Effect.
  • Fixed a camera rotation bug which occurred during certain animations.
  • Fixed an issue where damage wasn’t applied properly with the Golden Ball using Kai’s Cross Gun.
  • Fixed a modeling issue with the Elegant Fur outfitter.
  • Fixed a number of player reported text issues.