Premium Enhancement Package Plus!

  • 7 months ago


Premium Enhancement Package Plus

Help protect your enhancements with the Premium Enhancement Package Plus!

The Premium Enhancement Package Plus contains Goibhniu’s Enhancement Stone Plus, and it increases enhancement success rate by 6% if used as an enhancement material.

Can be used as an enhancement material in place of existing Enhancement Stones (Empowered Enhancement Stone & Paradise Enhancement Stone). Ferghus can enhance your items but it can't be used on +15 equipment or higher.


 Start Date  March 12th (After Maintenance)
 End Date March 26th (Before Maintenance)
 Location  Supply Depot
  • Special Enhancement Rune x 1
  • Goibhniu’s Enhancement Stone Plus x 2
  • Enhancement Elixir x 10
 Price  27,900 NX

Note: This package has a single purchase limit per character & it's unable to be gifted.


Get buffed with the Premium Enhancement Package Plus today!