Name Reclamation Event

  • 3 years ago

Come Tuesday, November 24th, countless potential character names are going to be up for grabs! It's been a wonderful 5 years of Vindictus, but as the game as gone on and more and more players have joined the war against the Formors, an entirely predictable problem has grown: It's getting harder and harder to create a new, unique name.

Thus, Vindictus is going to begin freeing up character names currently taken by players no longer playing Vindictus. Come November 24th, characters belonging to players that fit the below factors will be renamed, freeing up their old name to be claimed by new and renamed characters:

  • Have not logged into Vindictus since December 31st, 2011
  • Have not spent any NX within Vindictus

If you want to preserve your character's names and the above applies to you, just login to Vindictus before Tuesday, November 24th and your characters' names will be preserved. Additionally, all characters that are renamed in this manner will be eligible for a free Name Change Coupon, which can be used to give them a new, proper name.


Q: I haven't logged in in a while, but I don't want to lose my character name! What can I do?

A: Just login before Tuesday, November 24th and your character names will be preserved.

Q: Will this affect my friends list or guilds?

A: Changed names will be updated in all locations, the same as though they were changed with a Name Change Coupon.

Q: Can I claim one of the new names?

A: Once the character names have been freed up, they are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, just as all names are. If you wish to change the name on one of your existing characters, you can use the Name Change Coupon item in the Supply Depot to do so.

Q: How will this affect accounts that are permanently banned?

A: Characters on accounts that are permanently banned will not have their names changed. This is to avoid confusion that could arise by freeing up the names of known hackers or abusers.

Q: If my character's names are changed, how can I get my free Name Change Coupon?

A: Just let our Customer Support team know by Submitting a Ticket with the affected account, and you'll be awarded a free Name Change Coupon for each of your characters.

If you encounter any issues after the name changes are processed, please contact Customer Support.