Golden Chieftain Event

  • 4 years ago

The Gnoll Junior Chieftain pets are the pinnacle of the allies that can come to your aid in Vindictus. Cute, helpful, carrying a hammer that's taller than he is, these little Chieftains are the best friend a hardened mercenary can have. From now until December 9th we're giving everyone the chance to upgrade their normal Junior Chieftain pet into the rare Gold Junior Chieftain pet!

Golden Chieftain Event

The Strange Traveler in Colhen is your key to getting your Gold Junior Chieftain pet. Players can get started by speaking to the Strange Traveler and getting a "G" Letter. By collecting the Letters "O", "L" and "D" to form "GOLD", and bringing along a Junior Chieftain pet, you can turn them into the Strange Traveler for your Gold Junior Chieftain pet, keeping your current Junior Chieftain pet but giving him a new friend to play with. Of course, the trick is getting the Letters in the first place.

During the event, Raid Bosses will be dropping Returned Chieftain Event Boxes, which can contain a variety of items, including Enchant Runes, Premium Pet Feed, Merc Recovery Potions or the Letters "O", "L" or "D" needed to get your Gold Junior Chieftain pet.

You can also get your GOLD tokens from the new Gold Chieftain Event Box, which will be in the Supply Depot for the duration of the event. The Gold Chieftain Event Box contains a random item, ranging from Quality Booster Coupons, AP Capsules, a variety of Pet items, the aforementioned GOLD Letters and even the Gold Junior Chieftain pet itself! Even better, you'll get no duplicate tokens from the Gold Chieftain Event Box: Getting a Letter will reward you with one you do not yet have, making it easier to claim your Gold Junior Chieftain pet.

Event Name Golden Chieftain Event
Event Start Wednesday, November 18th, 2015
Event End Wednesday, December 9th, 2015 (12:00 PM PST, 3:00 PM EST, 7:00 AM AEDT 12/10)
Event Details
  • Speak to the Strange Traveler to get your free "G" token.
  • Kill Raid Bosses to collect the Returned Chieftain Event Box, which can contain the "O", "L" and "D" Letters.
  • Alternatively, purchase Gold Chieftain Event Box from the Supply Depot, which can contain the Golden Chieftain pet, or the "O", "L" and "D" Letters.
  • Once you have all four Letters and a Junior Chieftain pet, return to the Strange Traveler to get your Golden Chieftain pet.
  • In addition to the normal abilities shared with other Junior Chieftain pets, the Gold Junior Chieftain pet will Enrage when your health drops below 20%, making it grow in size and deal significantly increased damage for a short time.

Returned Chieftain Event Box

Contents Include
  • Letter "O"
  • Letter "L"
  • Letter "D"
  • Enhancement Runes
  • Enchant Rune
  • Avatar Dye Ampoule
  • Premium Pet Feed
  • 7 Day VIP Service
  • Merc Recovery Potions
  • AP 30 - 50 Capsule
  • 30 Day Unlimited Hair Pass

Gold Chieftain Event Box

Location Supply Depot
  • 1x Gold Chieftain Event Box: 990 NX
  • 10x Gold Chieftain Event Box: 8,900 NX
  • 30x Gold Chieftain Event Box: 24,000 NX
Contents Include
  • Gold Junior Chieftain Pet
  • Letter "O"
  • Letter "L"
  • Letter "D"
  • +1 Enhancement Plus Coupon
  • Quality Booster Coupon +1
  • Perpetual Enchant Coupon
  • Premium Armor Fusion Rune
  • 15 - 30 Day Shared Storage Coupon
  • 30 Day Relentless Assault Gem
  • Clodagh's Dye Ampoule
  • Avatar Dye Ampoule
  • 15x Goddess Grace (Party)
  • AP 300 - 500 Capsule
  • Must have one of the following Junior Chieftain pets in order to claim the Gold Junior Chieftain pet:
    • Junior Chieftain pet
    • White Junior Chieftain pet
    • Black Junior Chieftain pet
    • Red Junior Chieftain pet
  • Gold Chieftain Event Box will not rewards a duplicate "O", "L" or "D" Letter
  • Gold Junior Chieftain pet and the  "O", "L" and "D" Letters are not tradeable

Junior Chieftain Sale

Since you need a Junior Chieftain pet to upgrade to the Gold Junior Chieftain pet, we're making things a bit easier on you and cutting the prices of the other Junior Chieftain pets by 30%! This sale will last for the full duration of the Golden Chieftain Event, and even if you can't get the Letters you need, you can still get great backup at a low price!

Sale Name Junior Chieftain Sale
Sale Start Wednesday, November 18th, 2015
Sale End Wednesday, December 9th, 2015 (12:00 PM PST, 3:00 PM EST, 7:00 AM AEDT 12/10)
  • Junior Chieftain pet: 13,930 NX *30% OFF*
  • White Junior Chieftain pet: 13,900 NX *30% OFF*
  • Red Junior Chieftain pet: 13,900 NX *30% OFF*
  • Black Junior Chieftain pet: 13,900 NX *30% OFF*
  • Normal Price: 19,900 NX