Karok Unleashed Update

  • 3 years ago

In 2015, Lann, Fiona and Evie all experienced a rebirth in power that bestowed upon them new attacks, new abilities, and more powerful techniques making them equals among their counterparts. With the first update of 2016, another warrior has emerged from his training, ready to bring about another round of mayhem in Vindictus as the Karok Unleashed update has arrived!

Karok Unleashed

There's a lot to go into, as nearly every skill Karok has is getting a polish. Even Karok's body is not immune to the changes, as two new sliders have been added to the character customization menu: Head and Proportion.

Head does exactly what it sounds like, increasing or decreasing the size of Karok's skull to better fit with the variety of body sizes. Proportion, on the other hand, controls how Karok's muscles fit on his massive frame, the traditional heavy bulk, or taller with a more lean feel. These sliders can be selected when creating a new Karok or modified with an Appearance Alteration Coupon.

But don't let his looks be all that defines him, there's plenty of new abilities and changes that Karok can make use of with any weapon!

New Skills



Jokes about his size aside, Karok is no weakling. Years of training and conditioning, plus his own natural advantages, has given him the ability to periodically ignore some incoming damage. This ability activates randomly on its own and can apply to any attack.



Stalwart is the opposite side of the coin from Big-Boned: Instead of reducing incoming damage, this Passive skill allows Karok to punch through and ignore a portion of his target's defense. Triggering on its own with any valid attack, this skill provides a simple but effective boost to overall damage, all by just continuing to go on the offensive.

Skill Changes

  • Overall Damage Dealt, SP Generation and Stamina Consumption have all been improved
  • Clash:
    • Automatic Clash controls have been changed: Press and hold E (default)
    • Succeeding with an Automatic Clash grants the Clash buff, restoring 40 STA over 1.5s for the whole party
    • Succeeding with a Manual Clash grants the Fair and Square buff, restoring 50 STA over 1.5s for the whole party
    • Succeeding with a Manual Clash while unarmed grants the This is Nothing buff, restoring 50 STA and giving a 2% Crit boost over 1.5s for the whole party
  • Active: Howl
    • Now a Common skill, usable with a Cestus or Battle Pillar
    • SP Cost reduced to 125
    • Can only be used while debuffed
  • Active: Shout
    • Will now display a system message when used
  • The following skills can now be trained to Rank 9:
    • Boss Bash
    • Grapple Mastery
    • Clash

Battle Pillar Changes

New Skills

Bone Fracture

Passive Skill

The first of Karok's new Battle Pillar skills, this Passive gives Karok the ability to periodically fracture an enemy's bones. Doing no damage on its own, the fracture will last for a few moments and display a target on the affected monster that's just waiting to be hit with Boar Crush. In addition, certain attacks can automatically trigger a Bone Fracture when they land. Trainable at Level 40.

Boar Crush

Passive Skill

Boar Crush is the second part of the Bone Fracture combo. When trained, Smash attacks will trigger this skill, consuming the Bone Fracture and dealing significant bonus damage. Trainable at Level 40.

Rhino Gore

Combo: N-S-S

A simple follow-up to Lion Crash, Karok swings the Battle Pillar around again with a second upper-cut attack, dealing heavy damage and knocking away anyone that didn't get the hint with the first heavy swing. Trainable at Level 48.

Beast Stance

Passive Skill

Karok has grown more in tune with his aggressive side, training himself to trust his wilder instincts in battle. After certain attacks, Karok will enter one of three stances: the Stamina restoring Rhino Stance, the Attack Speed hastening Bison Stance or the Damage boosting Mammoth Stance. Trainable at Level 60.


Combo: Combo - S

Barrage is an extension to just about every Combo Karok has. After the Rhino Gore, Bison Charge or Mammoth Force attacks, Karok can use one further Smash attack to drive the end of his Battle Pillar into the enemy. If that massive attack weren't enough, when fully trained Karok can unleash yet another strike with the Barrage Blitz, devastating anything still in his way. Trainable at Level 60.

Mammoth Force

Combo: N-N-N-S-S-S

The Mammoth Force combo is not a complex concept. After a long series of heavy sweeps to batter back foes, and a heavy overhead smash to punish anyone still around, Karok can bring the Battle Pillar back around for one more swing. This second overhead smash hits hardest of all, devastating anything still around. Trainable at Level 66.

Grizzly Sprint

Skill: Pillar Toss - Tab, 110s Cooldown

While the Pillar Toss ability is incredibly powerful, the main problem with it is simple: If you throw away your weapon, you don't have a weapon anymore. With Grizzly Sprint, Karok charges towards his fallen Battle Pillar, battering away or running over foes in his way. If he reaches his Battle Pillar while still on the move, he can use the Grab key to pick up the Battle Pillar without slowing down. Trainable at Level 75.

Skill Changes

  • Dropkick:
    • Now activated by pressing Kick instead of Smash
  • Active: Earthquake:
    • Now inflicts Bone Fracture
    • SP Cost reduced to 750
  • Grizzly Uppercut:
    • Area of effect has been adjusted slightly
  • Jumbo Pounce:
    • Now activated by pressing Grab instead of Smash
    • Inflicts Bone Fracture when activated with Pillar Counter
    • Deals additional damage when Stompede is active
  • Mammoth Assault:
    • Now an additional attack separate from the Mammoth Sweep attack
  • Pillar Charge:
    • Can now start or stop charging with Kick while running
    Pillar Toss:
    • Now activated by pressing Tab (default)
  • Rolling Strike:
    • Now a Battle Pillar skill (previously a Common skill)
  • War Slam:
    • The Crushing Sweep buff has been renamed to Stompede
    • Stompede stacks after each War Slam instead of after every two War Slams
    • Can now follow War Slam with Bison Charge by pressing Tab (default)
  • Active: Whirlwind:
    • Now restores STA when enemies are damaged
  • The following skills can now be trained to Rank 9:
    • Bison Charge
    • Grizzly Uppercut
    • Jumbo Pounce
    • Mammoth Sweep
    • Pillar Charge
    • Pillar Counter
    • Rhino Impact

Cestus Changes

New Skills


Dodge Skill

The trainable version of Karok's Cestus dodge, this allows Karok to evade enemy attacks, twisting away from the attack at just the right moment. Timing is key with this, as a poorly timed weave can be interrupted by powerful attacks. Trainable at Level 1.



Dodge Extension

An extension to the Weaving dodge, Bobbing allows for a second burst of speed to carry Karok to safety, or further into the enemy's midst. When trained to Rank A, a second Bobbing maneuver can be performed, consuming additional Stamina but giving a further burst of speed. Trainable at Level 48.

Diamond Rush

Combo: (1-4)N-S-Kick

This attack fires off a weak Blast at the enemy when used at the end of a combo attack. While not the most powerful strike, Diamond Rush is most useful in that it restores Stamina when it hits the enemy, letting Karok continue his offensive without a pause. If Karok's Blast Gauge is not charged enough for a full Blast, only half the normal Stamina will be restored, although it remains quite handy for knocking away any foes still on their feet. Trainable at Level 56.

Clean Hit

Passive Skill

With Karok's additional hand-to-hand combat training, he's learned how to properly position his punches for maximum damage. This skill will periodically trigger a second, free hit on the enemy, dealing additional damage. When Brutal Flurry is used, Clean Hits will trigger far more frequently, making it a key skill for the unyielding barrage of fists and steel. Trainable at Level 65.


Combo: N-N-N-S-S, 250 SP

This extension of the Sunday Punch combo slams the ground again, firing off multiple Blasts to nearby enemies for massive damage. This ability can be activated through the Sunday Punch combo, or it can be triggered via a Rank 9 Raging Volcano, and is an excellent way to finish off nearby foes. Trainable at Level 70.

Brutal Flurry

Attack Skill

The final new Cestus skill is an unending rain of punches. Either through pressing Smash while standing still or hitting Tab during a Weaving, Karok will begin raining down punches with each Normal attack. For as long as he has Stamina, he can continue throwing punches or he ends the flurry of blows with a powerful Smash attack. Trainable at Level 75.

Skill Changes

  • Big Bang:
    • Previously named Big Bang Attack
    • Now covers both the Ranged and Melee range versions
    • STA cost is now 40
    • Range and Shot Speed have been improved
  • Blast:
    • Previously named Blast Mastery
    • Rank 9: Blast after a 3-4 hit Smash attack fires Strong Blast, dealing additional damage. This also activates after Sunday Punch and Pivot Strike
  • Blast Charge:
    • Now starts the Charging animation immediately
    • Can be used while moving
  • Conversion:
    • Previously named Weaving
  • Cross-Counter:
    • Previously named Weaving Attack
    • Can now follow with Bobbing
    • Can now use Conversion
  • Active: Gigantic Strength:
    • While active, Bobbing and Weaving do not consume Stamina.
  • Active: Hulking Fury:
    • SP cost reduced to 750
    • The first attack now triggers faster
    • Activates a Ruminate state after the final attack
  • Active: Hurricane:
    • SP cost of consecutive Hurricanes has been reduced
  • Active: Raging Volcano:
    • Rank 9: Enables Cataclysm
  • The following skills can now be trained to Rank 9:
    • Active: Gigantic Strength
    • Active: Hurricane
    • Active: Raging Volcano
    • Big Bang
    • Blast
    • Blast: Terror Rush
    • Blast: Crushing Strike
    • Blast: Destroyer
    • Blast Charge
    • Bolo Punch
    • Conversion
    • Cross-Counter
    • Pivot Strike
    • Straight Shot
    • Sunday Punch

Season 2 Improvements

With the Karok Unleashed update, we've also taken a closer look at Season 2, most notably with level requirements and rewards. With so many characters starting out Season 2 past Level 70 and Season 3 being ideal for level 85-90 characters, it only made sense to scale up the difficulty, the level requirements and more.

The first, and most obvious, change relates to the selectable difficulties. With the Karok Unleashed Update, all Season 2 battles will have the following three difficulties, in addition to the unchanged Heroic difficulty:

  • Easy: Available to Level 70 and above characters
  • 70-79: Available to Level 70 and above characters
  • 80-90: Available to Level 80 and above characters

With the level increases comes additional benefits: EXP rewards have been increased to properly reward your efforts in battle, helping to get everyone up to Level 90.

There's been a few other tweaks as well. Enemies in Season 2 Battles will now scale with the size of the incoming party, increasing their health as the party grows larger without punishing solo players. A number of Quest Bosses have been placed in different areas, closer to the start of the dungeon, to reduce the amount of backtracking and non-bosses needed to be fought.

We look forward to seeing your feedback on the revised Season 2, especially with some other changes that have arrived.

The Strange Traveler's Warm Welcome

The Strange Traveler is the giving sort, and now more than ever! He's brought in a wide selection of goodies that he's handing out, or selling, to those that come to him every day, and some new and intensely useful items can be gotten this way!

Every day you login, you'll find a Warm Welcome Ticket in the mail. This can be used to purchase a Warm Welcome Box from the Strange Traveler's new store. The Warm Welcome Box contains an AP 50 Capsule and a Kitty Encouragement Potion, which will boost your HP by 1,000 and ATT/M.ATT by 500 for a single battle.

The Strange Traveler is also selling three new Secret Boxes. Purchasable once a day for 10,000 - 30,000 Gold, these boxes contain three things: a Shining Kitty Ticket, an AP 30 Capsule and a random utility item such as Erg Crystals, Durability Protection, Party Merc Recovery Potions, Fine Bath Soaps or one of the Strange Traveler's new gifts:

  • Secret Box 1: 20 Exclusive Titles, including "Keyboard Warrior", "Fancypants" and "Do Unto Others"
  • Secret Box 2: Exclusive, Permanent Jewelry Accessories, the Kitty Broach, Blue Kitty Broach and White Kitty Broach
  • Secret Box 3: New Invisible Avatar items, the Packaged Lightfoot, Packaged Fists of Steel and Packages Featherweight, and exclusive, Permanent Necklaces, including the Kitty Necklace, Blue Kitty Necklace and White Kitty Necklace

While none of the Titles have any stats, the new Avatar Items have some special bonuses of their own! In addition to serving as a standard Avatar item for the set bonuses, the Lightfoot Boots Avatar item grants +5-10% Town Movement Speed bonus, the Fists of Steel Gloves grants a +10-30 DEF bonus and the Featherweight helm Avatar item grants +10-50 HP

These new items and titles can also be found in the Shining Box, which can be purchased in exchange for 50 Shining Kitty Tickets. What's even better is that there's no time limit on the Strange Traveler's generosity, these items are here for good! Collect all 20 titles and grab the best of the items! Just remember to check your mail, because that message will expire after 24 hours!

Boss Difficulty Rebalancing

While Vindictus' bosses are hardly meant to be easy, some of them are a bit more powerful than we intended. To keep the difficulty curve as smooth as possible, we've made the following changes to Bosses throughout Vindictus:

  • Witch Doctor Klaus
    • Klaus will no longer Charge enemies at close range
    • Klaus will no longer use his Meteor attack at enemies at close to medium range
  • Spider Queen
    • The Spider Queen can now only spawn Queen's Soldier Spiders once every 60 seconds
    • The Spider Queen will no longer burrow until she is below 50% health
  • Shadow Shaman Ingkara
    • Ingkara can now only summon the Shadow Ingkara once every 90 seconds
    • Ingkara's fireball now has a slight delay when being cast, increasing the possibility of dodging it
  • Silberin
    • Silberin will no longer teleport to enemies far away, instead reappearing in his original location
    • Silberin can now only summon his Golem once every 60 seconds
  • Legtrap Kaula
    • Legtrap Kaula's berserk state (caused by killing Blackwing) is significantly less powerful
    • Triana Honey speed debuff is now less severe
  • Blackwing
    • Blackwing's berserk state (caused by killing Legtrap Kaula) is significantly less powerful
    • Damage area for the sting attack has been reduced
  • Hive Queen
    • Now pauses briefly after her poison cloud attack
    • Damage area for the sting attack has been reduced
    • The Hive Queen will now periodically hesitate, creating an attackable opening
  • Deathchief Kielu
    • [70-79/80-90] Deathchief Kielu will no longer knock-down enemies with attacks besides her Tail Lash attack
    • [70-79/80-90] Overall damage reduced
  • Mad Willy Flint
    • Will no longer fire the black gust at players in close range
    • Poisonous Fog now lasts 6 seconds (down from 20 seconds)
    • Will now hesitate after his firing out his wave of swords
  • Longboot Matty
    • Poison Field will now deal significantly less damage per tick, but ticks much faster
    • Damage of his Bullet attack has been reduced and will not knock-down players
  • Barnacle Bill Simmons
    • 5-Slash Attack damage has been reduced and will not knock-down players
    • 11-Slash Attack damage has been reduced, except for the final swing, and only the final attack will knock-down players
  • Muckrot Monark
    • Mine explosion area of effect has been reduced
    • Mines will not be resummoned until they are triggered or they despawn on their own
    • [70-79] Muckrot Monark can now only summon a clone once every 150 seconds
    • [80-90] Muckrot Monark can now only summon a clone once every 120 seconds
  • Iset
    • Damage of her two main attacks has been significantly reduced
  • Bark No. 1
    • Healing done by the Machine Arm has been reduced
  • Cromm Cruaich
    • Crom Cruaich can now only use his dash attack once every 30 seconds
    • Physical attack damage has been decreased overall and will not knock-down as often
    • The summoned Phantom's HP has been reduced
    • Statue HP has been reduced
    • Statue summoning action is now slower and easier to identify
  • Braha
    • The damage penalty for attacking the wrong Braha has been reduced:
      • Vigor/Skilled 3: 75% Damage
      • Vigor/Skilled 4: 70% Damage
      • Vigor/Skilled 5: 65% Damage
  • Lord Glas Ghaibhleann
    • Final attack in his long attack chain can now be dodged

Cutscene Replay

The story of Vindictus is one of loss and tragedy, and even the greatest heroes must reflect on it at times. But an odd blessing has arisen at the Temple sitting on the road between Colhen and Rocheste: An Altar of Memories has appeared. By donating a sum of gold to the shrine, some of the pivotal events in Vindictus' past can be revisited once again. Your character will need to have completed the Season's main story to replay the available cutscenes for that Season. Cutscenes from Season 1 and Season 2 are currently available.

Chat Window Improvements

We've gone back to the drawing board with the Chat Window and turned out a new version, giving you better control of the window and improving its appearance and functionality, adding emoticons, private chat and more. It may not seem like the most important feature to focus on, but these improvements should make chatting with your friends and meeting up for battle even easier.

Battle Priest Outfitter and More!

You asked for it, and we're delivering: The Battle Priest and Battle Sister Sets are finally here! These much requested outfitters have arrived alongside a package celebrating Karok's new moves, the much-requested Bouncy Twin hairstyle, new hair and beard styles for Karok and two new sets of inner armor!

Check it all out in the Battle Priest Outfitter post!

Fishing for Love Events

There's more than just sales and new moves for Karok! In addition to a double EXP and AP event for our burly Karok's, we're unleashing a Valentine's Day themed Fishing event!

Check them both out in the Fishing for Love Events post!

Bug Fixes and Other Changes


  • Fixed an issue where certain gift items could not be deleted from the player inventory
  • Fixed an issue where megaphones were consumed when a linked item contained a banned word
  • Fixed an issue which allowed users to apply Quality Booster Coupons to Artifact items
  • Fixed expired limited time equipment from being taken off during battle
  • Fixed an issue with Exquisite Wild Southern Winter Set Equipment Story Goal
  • Fixed an issue where the town name Rocheste did not appear on the mini-map
  • Changed use level for Better Equipment Story scroll to level 12
  • Fixed full screen mode crash when using dual monitors
  • Fixed an issue in which a character would show as a Sticky Bomb in the town
  • Fixed an issue in which items could be stored in an expired Shared Storage tab
  • Fixed an issue in which an item was omitted in the AP Restoration window
  • Fixed the mailbox on Malina boats
  • Fix an issue where the Permanent Face and Body Tattoo coupons obtained from the Violet Witch didn’t work properly
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip of the attached item in the Mailbox was displayed far away
  • Fixed an issue where fishing with the Harpoon didn't work properly
  • Fixed an issue where the client is forced to close when destroying a prop
  • Fixed the bug where white borders are displayed after the TAB key is pressed in some UI menus
  • Fix the bug where character image and stats are not updated when players click their IDs to view character info in the chat window
  • Fixed the bug where Read Mail item slot did not have a background
  • Fixed an issue in which the mouse cursor would sometimes not disappear after talking to NPC in the Quest Map
  • Fixed an issue where the "purchased all" feature only purchased 1 item from the Marketplace on items which could only be traded once
  • Fixed so that filled dye ampoule items can be stored in the Shared Storage
  • Strange Traveler now appears around the Colhen Inn from the beginning


  • Fixed a problem where Regina would repeat a specific attack when all the players are dead
  • Fixed an physics issue where Akadus’s trap didn’t affect players properly
  • Changed Silent Quemielle Set bonus effects from STR to INT
  • Fixed an issue where the Hook secondary weapon did not function properly
  • Fixed an issue where a party member’s client would close when Sylas uses Masaka Smash
  • Fixed an issue where Masaka Smash couldn’t be used after moving sectors
  • Fixed a bug related to the Pillager title where players could destroy the trees where Callidus appears
  • Fixed an issue where the treasure box didn’t appear in Ship Graveyard Sector G
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to move to in Ship Graveyard Sector G
  • Fixed an issue where the Succubus Queen sometimes repeats an attacking action without delay after creating a damage zone
  • Fixed an issue where some holding skills didn’t immediately knock down a monster
  • Fixed an issue where Monark's projectile attack is shot from the air
  • Season 3 Free Battle Balance Change:
    • The number of unique monsters that appear in Ben Chenner Entrance dungeon changed from 4 to 2
    • The number of unique monsters that appear in Ben Chenner Trailhead dungeon changed from 2 to 1
  • Tripled the AP reward for completing Season 3 Today Battles
  • Made the set effects of the following sets to be maintained even if they are mixed and equipped together:
    • (Forgotten) Black Pearl Set & Black Pearl Set
    • (Forgotten) Majesty Leather Set & Majesty Set
    • (Forgotten) Viking Heavy & Viking Heavy Set
  • 'Stimulant: Lion's Roar' potion item does not destroy objects any more
  • Fixed problem of Dark Akanan not appearing in the Twilight Desert
  • Fixed the bug where daily accumulated guild points occasionally do not reset after 9AM
  • Fixed an issue where the damage meter didn't display when the monster was killed while using a holding skill
  • Easy Mode added to the Rocheste by Sea (Muir) Battle
  • Fix the bug where God of Death Cromm Cruaich summons Conflagration and Statue patterns together

Character Changes


  • Fixed an issue where Arisha’s Ether Zone damage did not increase during Mana Crystal Enchant Level 5


  • Evie’s Meteor Swarm ability will now destroy surrounding objects
  • Changed Evie’s Rage Conductor attack motion to not be affected by speed changing effects
  • Fixed an issue where Evie's Fire Shock skill crashed into the wall
  • Changed the time in which Mana Amber can be used immediately after the following attacks by 0.03 sec from the previous time:
    • Active: Lightning Wave
    • Active: Fire Storm
  • Fixed an issue with some Evie's skill videos that had the wrong key inputs


  • Fixed a bug where using Fiona’s Shield Deflection increased the attack area of some of her smashes
  • Fixed an issue where Active: Shield Charge could be used under specific conditions while her hold skill was in effect


  • Fixed an issue in which Hurk was unable to climb ladders in a certain situations


  • Fixed an issue where Cross Gun Kai couldn’t activate the Masaka Smash ability
  • Fixed an issue where Kai’s model would become distorted on Dedicated Server raids


  • Fixed an issue where Karok’s fingers stuck out of the equipped Cestus
  • Karok can now use Howl even when unarmed
  • Fixed an issue where Karok’s fingers would clip through the Cestus when changing clothes in town
  • Fixed an issue in which Karok Dropkick didn't count for the Strong Supporter title
  • Fixed an issue in which if Cestus Karok would roll if he dodged immediately after throwing spear


  • Fixed an issue with Lann not being able to chain Life Flare to Windmill
  • Fixed an issue in which 'Blood Pact' would sometimes not be deactivated when Lann defeated the target enemy while 'Blood Pact' status effect was in place


  • Fixed an issue where Lynn would perform a Grab motion when using the Hook secondary weapon


  • Fixed an issue when a Normal Attack hits an enemy but sometimes the damage wasn't applied
  • Sylas's Illusion Fist move distance was shortened, but hits nearby enemies better
  • Sylas's Active: Phantasmic Slash skill's cooldown was reduced and damage increased
  • Sylas's Active: Spectral Sting skill's cooldown was reduced and parts of the guided function was improved
  • Sylas's Active: Extinction Roar and Active: Soul Drain skills' cooldown was reduced
  • Sylas's Phantom Shooter skill's damage increased
  • Sylas's Cyclone Edge and Cyclone Crash skill's damage increased
  • Sylas's Cyclone Saw and Illusion Fist skill's damage increased
  • Sylas's Vision Trap skill's damage increased
  • When Sylas has the '[Phantom Force: Hilt]' status effect and has Phantom Shard, the Hilt effect doesn't disappear even when attacked by an enemy
  • When Sylas has the '[Phantom Force: Hilt]' status effect and has Phantom Shard, the time to receive the Hilt effect isn't renewed even when attacked by an enemy
  • When Sylas's HP is below 30%, [Phantom Force: Guard] state triggers even when Phantom Shard is present
  • When Sylas's Active: Infinity Requiem skill activates, Sylas will look at the boss and attack if there is a boss nearby
  • Phantom Shard was changed to not disappear when Sylas receives very low damage below a set amount
  • Existing DoT damage will no longer remove Sylas’ Illusion Shield
  • Fixed an issue where the correct amount of STA wasn’t consumed on Sylas’ attacks: Cyclone Crash and Illusion Fist
  • Fixed an issue in which Sylas's skill effect remained after returning to town


  • Adjusted the Skull Inner Armor for more defined Abs on Vella
  • Fixed an issue where Icebreaker’s delay got longer

Text Changes

  • Fixed an issue where certain titles requiring the use of spears could not be acquired:
    • Spear and Shield Wielder
    • Kobold Archer Enemy
    • Kobold Archer Nemesis
    • Kobold Archer Nightmare
    • Prince Piercer
    • Giant Polar Bear Slayer
  • Fixed the Goblin Scimitar Series item names:
    • Goblin Scimitar Pillar -> Goblin-forged Pillar
    • Goblin Scimitar Bow -> Goblin-forged Bow
    • Goblin Scimitar Glaive -> Goblin-forged Glaive
    • Goblin Scimitar Spellsword -> Goblin-forged Spellsword
    • Goblin Scimitar Phantom Dagger -> Goblin-forged Phantom Dagger
  • Item Tooltip Improvements:
    • The explanation regarding trading in the item description is more detailed
    • Contains descriptions notifying players what craftable items can be used for
  • Changed Megaphone Tooltip to reflect the new chat commands
  • Repeating a quest in Practice Mode will now present a proper error message when the user has no practice coupons left
  • Fixed a typo in Jarlath’s default dialogue
  • Fixed a typo with the Honored Betrothed Gloves
  • Fixed a typo with the Black Kobold Hoods
  • Fixed a typo in the Guard’s dialogue in the Easily Manipulated storyline
  • Fixed a missing word in Old Meb’s dialogue in the Suspicious Crystal storyline
  • Fixed a grammar mistake in Finnec’s dialogue in the Meeting Up storyline
  • Fixed a typo in Blawynn’s dialogue in the Trickery storyline
  • Fixed a grammar mistake Pontiff Laury’s dialogue for the Exiled and Infiltration storylines
  • Corrected tooltip for Evie skill Mark of Death to be more accurate in regards to damage
  • Fixed an issue where Allysse incorrectly mentions Gallagher and Brynn for the Grief storyline


  • Lighter Red Tyrant Set has been moved from Armorsmithing to Tailoring
  • Fixed an issue where the Witchcraft Armageddon Set's recipe did not appearing in Tailoring
  • Decreased the number of Cloth for crafting Frost Peak Soft Tunic
  • Changed level that can craft Wooden Staff and Emuloch Staff


  • Fixed an issue where back slot items appeared in Sports Day Fruit fight
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong color palette was displayed after fusing an item and dyeing it
  • Fixed an issue where Marrec disappeared in the Recruiting Oracles cutscene
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong color is shown during cutscenes when the player equips Blue, Pink, or Golden Panda
  • Fixed an model break in the neck area with Male characters and the Panda clothes
  • Fixed an issue of Keaghan's arm not showing in the cutscene under certain low video options
  • Fixed a clipping issue with the Vampire Slayers pants and various tops


  • Fixed an issue where sounds for the following did not play properly:
    • Fiona: Shield Bash
    • Fiona: Counterattack
    • Fiona: Salute pose (Salute when departing)
    • When knocked back after Fiona blocks using Heavy Stander
    • Fiona: Life Flare
    • Fiona: Standing Endurance
    • Lann: Windmill
    • Lann: Drink Potion