Season 3 - Episode 4: Lugh Lamhfada Preview

  • 3 years ago

The first chapter of Season 3 is coming to a close this month as Season 3 - Episode 4 arrives. With the continued story, the new battle area ascending to the peak of Ben Chenner and a new Raid, Season 3 - Chapter 1 is ending with a bang as Lugh Lamhfada takes the field.

Season 3 - Episode 4

The fighting over Ben Chenner continues. Soldiers continue their way up the mountain, escorting mages, scholars and priests, but even as fewer come back down, no casualties are ever reported... and the Royal Army is only spurred on by their 'flawless victories'. This bizarre curse must be stopped before there are no soldiers left to fight. The search for a solution leads only further up the mountain of Ben Chenner... but the fighting only grows as you get closer to the peak.

New Raid: Lugh Lamhfada

Lost to history and wielding the  mythical sword Fragarach, Lugh Lamhfada seeks retribution against those who have forgotten  his glory and disregarded his honor. Will you have the courage to face the lost  hero and at long last put his spirit to rest?

Lugh Lamhfada is a powerful warrior, but he's no master swordsman. Between his own magic and the unfathomable power of Fragarach, he has no need for finesse and uses quick burst of teleportation to surprise with overpowering blows, more than willing to fling his foes into a watery grave. He can also pin a foe to the ground, making them vulnerable to Lugh's attacks if not defended in time.

Fragarach isn't Lugh Lamhfada's only weapon, however. Periodically during the fight, Lugh will rise into the air and bombard the area with Tathlums, mystical orbs that will explode violently... but that can also be collected to negate their explosion and give you a much needed edge against the ancient warrior.

Those that manage to overcome Lugh Lamhfada's teleporting attacks and collection of magical attacks will find components and the recipes for a new set of items. This Cloth armor set is crafted through the Composite system, but the Lugh Lamhfada keystone items can only be found by defeating the ancient warrior himself or through the new Lugh Lamhfada Battle Box.

St. Patrick's Outfits and More

St. Patrick's Day is only a few weeks away, and the St. Patrick's outfit will be back for the occasion! This bright green suit for both the ladies and the gents is the perfect way to show your Irish pride! This is arriving with the new Lugh Lamhfada Battle Box, the bright green hair color available for all hair styles, a new Inner Armor and more!

The Lugh Lamhfada update is coming on March 10th, featuring all of the above as well as a new set of events, both for Easter as well as to better reward your fight against Lugh Lamhfada. Be sure to keep an eye out on our Twitter and Facebook feeds for more information, as well as a sneak preview during our Twitch stream on March 9th.