Bow and Blade Update Preview

  • 4 years ago

April brings another update to Vindictus, and this time it's Kai and Vella's turn to learn some new tricks. This update will also bring anew and improved User Interface, a massive slate of balance changes, bug fixes, other game improvements and more! Read on for all the upcoming changes in the Bow and Blade Update!

The Master Archer Improved

Kai is Vindictus' only purely ranged character, pelting enemies with arrows, bolts and explosives without getting into the messy business of a melee. But just because he's already a lethal warrior doesn't mean he can't learn a few more tricks...

A new Ultimate Ability headlines Kai's newest bow attacks. Deadly Arrow leads Kai to stun his target with a quick strike, leap back for another arrow to soften it up before finishing with a final attack, empowered with as much damage as the archer can manage. He can also take advantage of the Longbow-exclusive Bee Stinger, letting the archer dodge away while charging up a Magnum attack.

Meanwhile, Kai can use his new Crossgun Ultimate Ability, Bunker Buster, to stun his target with a handful of grenades and then use the reprieve to launch as many explosives as he can at his enemy. Bunker Buster is a particularly nasty attack when paired with Kai's new Enhanced Bolt ability, which empowers all of his Explosive attacks. Simple can be best, however, with the new Quick Draw ability that lets Kai fire off Charge abilities while reloading his crossgun.

Two Blades, Even Less Waiting

It's also Vella's turn for a new array of abilities! This lightning-fast warrior has never been lacking in technique, but that's not stopping her from filling in the few holes she has with new abilities in addition to a host of other improvements.

Gale Cutter serves as Vella's newest Twin Sword attack, letting her sling both of her swords forward and chasing after the weapons as they carve through her opponent. It's a powerful attack with a steep SP cost, but Vella has a new way to gain SP as well. Her new Wind Rider ability allows Vella to consume her Blade Heart effect in exchange for a hefty sum of SP, helping her recharge her attacks all the faster.

Chainblades haven't been ignored either as two new SP-consuming attacks are introduced. Blade Dance strikes a nearby foe repeatedly, chaining together up to three sets of strikes before Vella leaps back, clear of the melee. Vella can also unleash a Glacial Strike, consuming the remaining time on her Heart of Ice effect in exchange for one massive strike. But not everything Vella's learned is so flashy: the Blood Fountain ability focuses Vella and suppresses her Heart of Ice state, putting it on hold and ready to return with her next Smash Attack.

New and Improved User Interface

There's more coming than a few new tricks for Vella and Kai, however. The Bow and Blade Update brings a new User Interface to Vindictus with a key new feature: Movable windows. Most menus, windows and HUD elements can be moved around simply by clicking and dragging, giving nearly total freedom in customizing the interface layout to your liking.

All of this, plus new outfits, balance changes, new events, bug fixes, new haircuts and inner armors and so much more arrives this month. Keep your eyes peeled for more information as the Blade and Bow Update approaches!