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10/27/2020 10th Vindictus Anniversary Check out the abundant perks and events prepared to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Vindictus!
10th anniversary. event 01 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Vindictus! Check-In for 10 days to get anniversary gifts! Reilly's Toy and title are a given! 100 Damascus Steels, an object, a pet, and an exclusive equipment outfit set... you get them all! Event Period: 10/27 after maintenance - 11/17 before maintenance (PT)
You can get more event details by progressing through the [ID Event: Happy Birthday, Vindy!] storyline from the NPC Strange Traveler. Afterwards, stay logged in for 30 minutes to get reward for corresponding cumulative check-in day
10th anniversary. event 02 10th Anniversary Celebration Video We are releasing the special clip from Vindictus developers, in order to celebrate Vindictus' 10th anniversary. Check out answers to what you've been curious about, as well as an introduction of future updates, right now!
A coupon is hidden in the congratulation video! When you use the coupon in the game, you can get a special reward. (Limited to 1 use per account)
10th anniversary. event 03 10th Anniversary Celebration Special Hot Time Event Special hot time buffs will be applied during the event period! Don't miss the special moment! Event Period: 10/27 after maintenance - 11/3 before maintenance (PT)
Additional Departure +1 2x AP 2x EXP 2x Expertise Proficiency & Speed