Gremlin's Checkered Flag Check-In

Starting March 22nd 2022 and until August 23rd 2022

Find the Gremlin's Checkered Flag Check-In under the Event menu at the bottom-right of the game screen during the event period.

Attendance Check and Receive Reward

Reach the daily cumulative login time of 1 hour with character(s) at Lv. 50+ during the event, get the check-in stamp on the event UI, and press Receive Reward to get the reward for the relative cumulative check-in count

Attendance Check resets 9AM of each day, and attendance rewards are sent to your ID mailbox. If you didn't claim the previous day's reward, don't worry! It will be delivered to your ID mailbox when you log in after 9AM the next day.

If You Missed a Check-In, Use a Chance!

If you miss a login day, you can make up for the missed check-in by using an item called 'Gremlin's Last-Minute Chance.

Checkered Flag Check-In All Attendance Rewards Guide