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A cosmic light that flies through battles The Midnight Witch


Midnight Witch Charon

Midnight Witch Charon

A cosmic light that flies through battles

Charon is a mysterious magician nicknamed the "Midnight Witch." She scours the battlefield for people to save, but no one knows her motives for doing so. While seeming as cold as she is confident, she's really hiding her emotions. Little is known of her, except that she arrived in Colhen searching for the "Truth." Perhaps a spell? Charon commands a floating vessel, the "Orbis," to cast rune magic. The runes engraved on it can harness a stream of mana, while overcharging the Orbis causes further destructive effects. Charon is an enchanting character that chains spells together.

Midnight Witch ‘Charon’

Unique Gear

Exclusive Weapon: Orbis

Charon's Orbis flies around the battlefield releasing powerful spells. Spending MP to overcharge it manipulates these spells in diverse ways. She has a host of flashy options that the Orbis can amplify the power of.

Exclusive Armors: Laniakea & Shiny Stania

Laniakea focuses on the mobility that every magician needs. It accentuates the symbols of magic that Charon uses. Shiny Stania combines the attire of Charon's teacher, Luchia, with her own flair. Its design is based on a traditional witch with added details.

Midnight Witch ‘Charon’ Exclusive Skills

Combines the Orbis rune symbols to release a flow of powerful magic.This discharged energy fans out forward, attacking a large area. Manipulate mana to attack in various ways.
Spreads the Orbis out like a bow, projecting destructive blasts forward. The missiles slam into the enemy for continuous damage. Manipulate mana to attack in various ways.
Push the Orbis to its limits, opening a black hole. Enemies are pulled into the area and take increased damage. You can explode the singularity before it vanishes.
Charon condenses the enemy's space-time as her ultimate attack!

Midnight Witch ‘Charon’ Events

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