Gremlin's Checkered Flag Check-In 04/25 – 08/22

01. Event Progression Method

Gremlin's Checkered Flag Check-In

Find the Gremlin's Checkered Flag Check-In under the Event menu at the bottom-right of the game screen during the event period.

Event progress will be shared across all characters within your account.

Attendance Check and Receive Reward

Reach the daily cumulative login time of 1 hour with character(s) at Lv. 50+ during the event, get the check-in stamp on the event UI, and press Receive Reward to get the reward for the relative cumulative check-in count.

Attendance Check resets at 7AM UTC every day, and attendance rewards are sent to your account mailbox.
If you didn't claim the previous day's reward, don't worry! It will be delivered to your account mailbox when you log in after 7AM UTC the next day.

If You Missed a Check-In, Use a Chance!

If you miss a login day, you can make up for the missed check-in by using an item called "Gremlin's Last-Minute Chance."

You can find the 'Gremlin's Last-Minute Chance' x15 you received as the attendance reward for the 1st day on the bottom left within the event.
Gremlin's Last-Minute Chances can only be purchased once you have run out of Chances.
The more days that you use Chances to earn items, the more Gremlin's Last-Minute Chances it will cost.
Rewards earned from using Chances will be sent to the ID mailbox of the character you are logged in with.

02. Checkered Flag Check-In All Attendance Rewards Guide

  • Open the Friendship Gift Destiny Box to claim ONE of the ten available items that can be gifted to mercs in the Mercenary Lounge.
  • Open the New Era Materials Box to claim New Era Cloth x10, New Era Leather x10, New Era Ore x10, New Era Stone x10, and New Era Orb x10.
  • Open the Gathering Essence Box to claim Red Gathering Essence x5 and Blue Gathering Essence x5.
  • Open the Deca-Seal Destiny Box to claim ONE of the available items: Triumph Medal x10, Seal of Bravery x10, Seal of Dedication x10, Honor Medal x10, and Sports Day Trophy x10.
  • Open the Warm Welcome Box to claim an AP 50 Capsule (Gift) and a Kitty's Encouragement Potion.
  • Open the Fine Pet Destiny Box to claim one of 25 Fine pets.
  • The following items can only be used by characters created before Charon: 100% Completion EXP Box, Permanent Hair Coupon Box, and Permanent Inner Armor Coupon Box.

03. Checkered Flag Check-In Main Attendance Rewards

Cumulative Check-In 34 Days
Gremlin's Gift: Tail Destiny Box

*Claim one of the six available Devil Tails.

Any tail claimed from this box is legendary rank and will earn you 36 Wardrobe Points.

Cumulative Check-In 111 Days
Gremlin's Gift: Wings Destiny Box

*Claim one of six available Fallen Angel Wings.

Claim the Wings part item to earn 3 Wardrobe Points.

Cumulative Check-In 112 Days
Primal Flame Selection Box

*Claim either a Primal Flame or a Primal Red Flame weapon.

  • Claim a weapon (bound upon acquisition) that can be used by the character that opens the package.
  • Claim a weapon (bound upon acquisition) that can be used by the character who opens the package.
  • Claim either the first or secondary weapon.
  • Fiona can also choose between a Shield and Giant Shield in addition to the weapon.
  • Arisha can also claim a Focus in addition to her weapon.
Cumulative Check-In 117 Days
Airtight Siete Chair

*This item can only be used in town.

Grants 27 Wardrobe Points when obtained.

Cumulative Check-In 119 Days
Gremlin's Gift: Outfit Gift Package

*Claim one of seven available Special Outfits and exclusive Equipment Outfit Sets.

  • All outfit sets included in this box are Legendary rank, and will earn you 60 Wardrobe Points.
  • Use the Special Exclusive Equipment Outfit Destiny Box to select and claim one exclusive equipment outfit wearable by the character opening the box.
  • Special White Gangster/Revealing Off-shoulder Sets are currently in production! In the meantime, please enjoy this concept illustration and look forward to the finished outfits.
  • Wings are not included Outfit Gift Package shall only contain the outfit itself.