4/21/2020 - 8/11/2020
Gremlin's Checkered flag check in
Race to get the legendary outfit destiny box! be sure to check in every day

1 Event Progression Method Participate in the Gremlin's Checkered Flag Check-In event and receive various rewards!

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Gremlin's Checkered Flag Check-In All Rewards

Opening the Superior HP Potion Bundle nets you 15 Superior HP Potions. Opening the Friendship Gift Destiny Box allows you to select one of 10 items that can be gifted to mercs in the Mercenary Lounge. Opening the New Era Material Box nets you 10 each of New Era Cloth, New Era Leather, New Era Enhancement Stone, and New Era Orb.

3 Gremlin's Checkered Flag Check-In Key Rewards Obtain items ranging from the Airtight Picnic Blanket to a Legendary Outfit!

69 Days Airtight Picnic Blanket
77 Days Tail/Backpack Destiny Box
110 Days Primal Red Flame Package
111 Days Rare Pet Destiny Box
112 Days Legendary Outfit Destiny Box