2nd Gremlin’s Checkered Flag Check In

9/1/2020 –12/15/2020 PT


Event Progression Method

  1. You can check the Gremlin's Checkered Flag Check-In event under the Event menu at the bottom-right of the game screen.
  2. Reach the daily cumulative login time of 1 hour with character(s) at Lv. 50+ during the event, get the check-in stamp on the event UI, and press Receive Reward to get the reward for the relative cumulative check-in count.
  3. "Gremlin's Check-In Chance" items can only be purchased when you do not have enough of to use Chance. The more days you check in via Chance, the more "Gremlin's Check-In Chance" items are required to check in via Chance. Rewards obtained by using the Chance will be sent to the mailbox of the character you are logged in with.

All Event Rewards

Based on your cumulative check-ins, you can receive various items.

Opening the Superior HP Potion Bundle nets you 15 Superior HP Potions. Opening the Friendship Gift Destiny Box allows you to select one of 10 items that can be gifted to mercs in the Mercenary Lounge. Opening the New Era Material Box nets you 10 each of New Era Cloth, New Era Leather, New Era Enhancement Stone, and New Era Orb. Opening the Seal x10 Destiny Box allows you to select one of 10 items that Triumph Medal, Seal of Bravery, Seal of Dedication, Honor Medal and Festival Trophy.

all Key Rewards

Obtain items ranging from the Airtight Picnic Blanket to a Legendary Outfit!

Attendance check resets at 12:00 AM every day. If there is a maintenance on the day of this event's end date, the event may end a few hours earlier than 12:00 AM. You can accumulate login time with all Lv. 50+ characters in the account, but you can only receive the reward with one character. Among rewards for this event, the 100% Completion EXP Box, the Permanent Hair Coupon Box, and the Permanent Inner Armor Coupon Box items can only be used by characters released by the time of the event's start date. If a new character is added during this event, their equipment and outfit will be added to the Primal Red Flame Package and the Legendary Outfit Destiny Box items' contents.