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WELCOME to the Guild House

What is a Guild House?Guild House is truly a special space that you and your Guild members can enjoy. This is no ordinary house but a luxurious mansion with vast outdoor spaces of grand scale. Decorate the Guild House together and enjoy the interactive furniture that are available for your pleasure.

Guild House Update

Guild House Purchase Guide

  • You can access the Guild House function with ease by using the shortcut [Y] key in game. And the Guild House can be purchase by either the Guild Master or the Guild Admins.
  • All Guild members will be notified via Guild News and alerts when the Guild House has been purchased.

Guild House Floor Plan

Guild House is a two-story structure with a spacious basement. You can also enjoy outdoor activities by your Guild House where you can find your own Garden, Farm, and a huge outdoor Swimming Pool.



1 Basement : Club, Dungeon / 1 Floor : Living Room, Banquet Hall, Bathroom, Bedroom, Library, Laboratory / 2 Floor : Living Room, Banquet Hall, Master Bathroom, Master Bedroom, Library, Terrace / Garden / Farms / Outdoor Swimming Pool

Guild House Upgrade & Sealed Furniture

  • Guild House Upgrade : House upgrade is a goal achievement mission for all guild members. You can raise the Guild House to the final level through upgrades. Apply the interior for the next stage. Starting with stage 3, you can enter the club. To proceed with an upgrade, you need to meet the following conditions: Complete Guild Missions, Spend GP, Pay Guild Fund.
  • Sealed Furniture : All furniture in the Guild House will be displayed as sealed. In order to unseal a furniture, you must have sufficient amount of Golds in the Guild Fund. *TIP: Guild members can SPEED UP the process by pressing the ‘support’ button!

Guild House Upgrade Stages

Enjoy your Guild House to the FULLEST!

GUILD FARM : You can cultivate Luminary (the mysterious tree that grows in the moonlight) and Ore at the Guild Farm. *TIP: Guild members can SPEED UP the process by utilizing the ‘watering can’ and water the Luminary or the Ore!

GUILD FEAST : Use Guild Cooking items to prepare a Guild Feast! You can purchase Guild Cooking items from the Guild Shop or craft them with Cooking Expertise.

Juke Box & Mirror Ball : A state-of-the-art machine that plays great music if you intsert gold. You feel like listening to some sick beat and drop it like it’s hot? Don’t be shy and try out the Juke Box at the Club!

Resenlian's Doll : A doll in the shape of a baby gremlin, supposedly created by the Alchemist Resenlian, because he needed someone to talk to. The Resenlian's Doll has the ability to respond to certain questions that you ask. So ask away andt make sure to play with the Resenlian's Doll once in a while.

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