Gremlin's Checkered Flag Check-In 4

Starting August 31st 2021 and until December 7th 2021

Event Progression Method

  1. 그Gremlin’s Checkered Flag Check-In
  2. Event Check-In and Receiving Rewards
  3. If You Missed a Check-In, Use Chance!


  • Open the Friendship Gift Destiny Box to claim one of ten items that can be gifted to mercs in the Mercenary Lounge.
  • Open the New Era Materials Box to claim New Era Cloth x10, New Era Leather x10, New Era Ore x10, New Era Stone x10, and New Era Orb x10.
  • Open the Gathering Essence Box to claim Red Gathering Essence x5 and Blue Gathering Essence x5.
  • Open the Deca-Seal Destiny Box to claim ONE of the available items: Triumph Medal x10, Seal of Bravery x10, Seal of Dedication x10, Honor Medal x10, and Sports Day Trophy x10.
  • Open the Warm Welcome Box to claim a AP 50 Capsule (Gift) and a Kitty's Encouragement Potion.
  • Upon using Fine/Superior Pet Destiny Box, you can claim one of the 25 pets.

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