Guild System

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Click the flag-shaped icon on the bottom left of the game screen, or press the shortcut key Y to display the Guild window.

If you are not in a guild already, you can create one or request to join one.

Talk to the NPCs "Ceara" or "Rocheste Castle Guard," as a Lv. 20+ character, through the Guild Creation Story. Creating a guild costs 30,000 gold.

If you have successfully created or joined a guild, the window that shows your guild's information will display on the guild menu.


■ Guild Point and Seal

Complete the guild missions that reset every 7AM UTC to earn Guild Points (GP)!

Guild Points are points shared by all guild members, and they can be used to purchase guild skills.

You can collect up to 1 million Guild Points (GP). You cannot accumulate more than the limit.

* There is a daily limit on Guild Points (GP), and you cannot accumulate more than that limit.

The Guild Seals, provided every time you collect 10 Guild Points (GP), can be traded for various reward items at the Guild Seal Shop.


* Items Available at the Guild Seal Shop

Item Name

Required Number of Seals

Purchase Limit

Goddess Wings Effect Box


1 purchase per Character

Orange Heart Wings


1 purchase per Character

Yellow Heart Wings


1 purchase per Character

Green Heart Wings


1 purchase per Character

Critical Rate +1 Element Stone


Can be purchased without Limits

Balance +1 Element Stone


Can be purchased without Limits

Goibhniu's Stone


2 purchases per Character (1 Day)

Premium Enhancement Rune


1 purchase per Character (1 Day)

Guild Treasure Chest


2 purchases per Character (1 Day)

Guild Synthesis Materials Pouch


3 purchases per Character (1 Day)

AP 100 Capsule (Gift)


3 purchases per Character (1 Day)

Triumph Medal


3 purchases per Character (1 Day)

Seal of Bravery


3 purchases per Character (1 Day)

[Guild] Regular Pet Daycare Treat


1 purchase per Character (1 Day)


■ Guild Skills

Guild Skills that can be purchased with Guild Points (GP) will apply to all guild members over a set duration.

If you want to extend the Guild Skill's expiration, you can extend it in the Guild Skill menu using Guild Points (GP)!

List of Guild Skills

Enhancement Discount

Guild Seal Drops

Repair Discount

Dye Discount

Combat EXP Gain


AP Gain

Departure License

Divine Feather

Heavenly Feather

TP Gain

Guild Core Drops


■ Guild Management

Guild Master or Administrators can use the Guild Management menu to change the guild menu or expand the guild's maximum member capacity.

A set amount of gold is required to expand the guild's maximum member capacity.

Guild Masters can assign the Master authority to another member, or disband the guild.


[TIP !] What if the Guild Master has not logged in for a long time, so there are difficulties managing the guild?

If the Guild Master has not logged in for 30 days or more, the [Accept Master Permissions] menu will be activated for members with Administrator access.

Any guild member with the rank of Administrator is eligible to become the new Guild Master. This promotion can be found in the menu.

* The existing Guild Master's rank will be changed to an Administrator.


■ Guild Storage

If you want to share items freely between guild members, try using the Guild Storage!

Once the guild has more than 20 members, it must purchase Guild Storage.

* The first storage purchase can be made by any guild member, regardless of whether they are the Guild Master or not.

How to use the Guild Storage

  1. Visit the Guild Storage in any town.

* Guild Storage locations in each town can be found at the very bottom of the guide.

  1. Right-click on the Guild Storage window to take the shared item out, and right-click on your Storage Chest to put the item in the Guild Storage. (Bound items cannot be stored.)

* A record of Guild Storage use is available on the [Storage Usage Records] tab. Here you can review the character name, date, time, and use history.

  1. Guild Storage can also be used to share gold. The Guild Master can set the Withdrawal Limit.

Use the [Deposit] button to add gold into the Storage, and enter the amount after clicking the [Withdraw] button to withdraw.

* The record of the gold transaction history within Guild Storage can be found in the [Gold Transaction History] tab, where you can review the character name, date, time, and use history.

(Ex) Deposit of 2 million gold > Withdrawal of 1 million gold > only the 1 million gold deposit will be confirmed.

  1. Basic Guild Storage provides 1 slot (24 units), but you can purchase a Guild Storage Expansion Coupon to expand by 1 more slot (24 units). You can acquire up to 21 slots (504 total units), including the 7th storage.

* The [Storage Expansion Records] tab can be used to review the character names and dates of the guild members that have paid to expand the storage.


Guild Storage Locations per Town

- Colhen: Between the Inn and the Forge

- Rocheste: In front of the Marketplace Message Board

- Malina: Between the Inn and the General Store


■ Pet Daycare

※ What is the Pet Daycare?

Pet Daycare is where they look after your pet and help them grow. Drop your pet off and stay logged in, and they will grow rapidly.

To visit Pet Daycare, enter the Guild House through the Guild menu (Shortcut Key: Y).

Then, head towards the Guild Farm, and there you have it: the Pet Daycare!


How to use the Pet Daycare

This is how you leave your pet at the Pet Daycare.

Click the [Pet Daycare] button after approaching the Daycare Teacher.

Once you've entered the daycare, select the pet you want out of the list and click the [Drop Off Pet] button.

Note that you cannot drop off a pet under the following circumstances.

1) When the pet is already at max level (Lv. 50).

2) When the pet is currently summoned. Dismiss them first.

3) If you already have another pet in the daycare. Pet Daycare is only available to one pet per account. Therefore, if you already have a pet in the daycare, you cannot drop off another one (even if you log in with a character that's associated with a different guild).


You can see [Growth Information] to find out how much your pet has grown in the Pet Daycare!

If the Growth Information displays something like [Lv. 31 Growth in Progress 23%], it means that your pet is currently Lv. 30 and received 23% of the education required to become Lv. 31.

If you want to pick up your pet, click the [Pick Up Pet] button.

However, please note that if you pick up your pet while they're getting educated, they lose that education progress.

The growth status of your pet will vary depending on whether they have leveled up in the daycare or not, so please note the circumstances below before you pick up your pet.

1) If the pet leveled-up more than once in the daycare, you will pick them up at 0% of the level at the time of pick up.

(Ex. You dropped off the Lv. 29 pet with 15% EXP at the daycare, and picked them up at Lv. 30 with 23% EXP. This will result in retrieving them at Lv. 30 with 0% EXP.)

2) If the pet has not leveled up in the Pet Daycare, you will pick them up in the same state as they were in before dropping them off.

(Ex. You dropped off the Lv. 29 pet with 15% EXP at the daycare, and picked them up at Lv. 29 with 89% EXP. This will result in retrieving them at Lv. 29 with 15% EXP.)

Please also note that the pet dropped off at the daycare will only grow while a character within the account is logged in.

(Your pet will continue to grow, even if you log in as a character associated with a different guild than the one of the character you used to dropped off the pet at the Pet Daycare.)


Pet Treat

You can feed treats to the pet to accelerate their growth.

Where can you get the treats for pets?

Treats for pets can be purchased at the Guild Shop and Seal Shop!

The Guild Shop is at the library and the side of the Guild Farm, so please visit whenever you like.

You can use a Pepper of Bonding from the Guild Shop to purchase a "[Guild] Regular Pet Daycare Treat" twice a day (per character).

Peppers of Bonding can also be obtained at the Guild Farm with varying probabilities.


You can purchase a "[Guild] Regular Pet Daycare Treat" once a day (per character) at the Exchange Shop, through [Seal Shop > Guild Seal].

Guild Seals can be obtained by completing Guild Missions.

Once you've purchased a treat you may feed your pet.

Move to the Pet Daycare through the Daycare Teacher to use the treat.

Then, open the Storage Chest (Shortcut Key: [B]) and right-click the treat to activate the [Feed Treat] button.

Click the activated button to feed the treat to your pet.

The amount of treats you can use depend on the pet's level range.

Here are the number of times you can feed, depending on a pet's level.

Level Section

Max Treat Count

1 - 10


11 - 20


21 - 30


31 - 40


41 - 49


 The other way to quickly advance your pet is by petting them!

Anyone in the guild can pet during daycare to help speed up the leveling process.

Here is how to do so.

Move to [Guild Pets] from the Pet Daycare, and click the [Pet] button.

That's all there is to it.

You can pet up to five times a day, though only once per target.

Please note that you can review how many pets you have left today under "Pets Left."

It does not matter if the characters in your account have different guilds.

You can still pet up to 5 times per character, regardless of what guild they might be in.

Each pet can be petted a limited number of times depending on level range.

The number of times you can pet is as follows.

Level Section

Max number of times

they can be petted

1 - 10


11 - 20


21 - 30


31 - 40


41 - 49


Guild members who help take care of each other's pets can advance them all very quickly.

You can review who has petted your pet in the [Pet Record].

Click the [Pet Record] at the Pet Daycare to find out which guild members petted your pet.

You can return the favor to the guild member through the [Pet Back] button.

Note that petting back will also reduce your remaining pet count.