Loot Information (Other Regions)

  • 5 months ago

■ Niflheim

Loot / Battle Name

Queen of the Cursed

(Succubus Queen)

Refuge of the Dead

(Blood Lord Reborn)

Requiem of the Lost One


Bracelet Gem

Succubus Bracelet Gem Key Fragment

Bloody Bracelet Gem Key Fragment

Destructive Bracelet Gem Key Fragment

Exquisite Bracelet Gem Key Fragment

Exquisite Bracelet Gem Box

Succubus Queen Gem Box

Blood Lord Gem Box

Zecallion's Gem Box


■ Royal Army

Loot / Battle Name

Burning Temple


Into the Abyss



(Lugh Lamhfada)

Min. ATT

Surplus Material

Mysterious Glass Bottle Lv. 80, Lv. 100, and Lv. 110

Use to obtain Mysterious Shard Grade 1, 2, or 3 depending on the Glass Bottle's level.


■ Royal Army Total War

Loot / Battle Name

Final Fortress

(Commander Shakarr)

Skill Awakening Material

Army Loot Box

Use to obtain 1 of the rewards according to their probabilities, such as the 'Waking Stone (Rank A)'.


■ Abyssal Arena

Loot / Battle Name


Abyssal Arena I


Abyssal Arena II

Armor ATT Surplus Material

Abyssal Shard Grade 1 and Grade 2

Abyssal Shard Grade 2 and Grade 3


■ Special Dungeon

Loot / Battle Name

[S] Garden of Tears


[S] Colru the Golem

(Craftsman Colru)

Bracelet Crafting

Superior Masterpiece Bracelet Box

Enchant Scroll

Special Dungeon: Enchant Pouch

Reforge Material

Damascus Steel and Jardin Steel