[INTRO] Vella

  • 1 year ago


A naturally-gifted, captivating swordswoman,

Vella is a swordswoman that performs quick and stylish attacks using her Twin Swords.

Nothing else is known except that she's from some coastal region.

Thanks to an accident in her past, her ties to her old life are completely gone.

Even so, she remains delightful and confident, always seeking the next adventure.

Vella uses her signature quick movements to outflank the enemy. She can even draw in nearby enemies with the winds from her swords

Letting her tear through mobs, or perform a series of rampaging attacks against giant foe to bring them down.

Vella's most powerful skill is her parry, allowing her slip through enemy attacks

to counter them. She can deflect the enemy's ranged attacks back at them as well.



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