[INTRO] Hurk

  • 1 year ago


A tall warrior who destroys enemies with his greatsword

Hurk is a tough mercenary from the East with a rugged personality.

He came to Colhen to search for his lost family.

Hurk uses his greatsword to create fierce and vicious attacks.

In the right hands, he is an aggressive character that can deal massive damage to enemies.

His strikes are slow, but they can be chained into combos endlessly, crushing his foes.

He can also create openings by striking the enemy as they attack.

Hurk can also wield the Teide, a blade and gun duo, to face enemies

in a completely different combat style.

You can now experience

Hurk's unique fighting style combined with the synergy his blade and gun's heavy firepower.






Tap into Hurk's rage and attack enemies endlessly with your greatsword. As long as Hurk still has stamina, his attacks won't stop.



Block enemy attacks with a devastating counterstrike. Enemies will be momentarily stunned and will lose their balance, giving you the perfect opening to finish them off.



With a terrifying war cry, Hurk will charge headfirst into the fray. He can rush enemies with an unbreakable charge that shrugs off forward attacks. But watch your back! Hurk is vulnerable from behind while performing Impenetrable.