[INTRO] Arisha

  • 1 year ago


An elegant waltz of steel and magic.

Arisha is a spellsword who wields the titular blade along with a Focus.

She swings her Spellsword with her right hand while throwing Mana Crystals with the Focus in her.

She can also fire Mana Crystals behind her, catching would-be ambushers off-guard.

Arisha can wield the Mana Blade, which is the Spellsword infused with mana.

Once activated, the Mana Blade unleashes a storm upon her enemies, as she swaps positions with the Mana Crystal to perform lightning fast moves all over the battlefield.

Arisha can also utilize a Spellwhip to torment the enemies with never-ending attacks.

Unleash a rapid flurry of combos while mastering the brand new Focus magic.



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Use legendary spells to cast a massive area-of-effect attack that obliterates all nearby enemies. Timing is critical when using this skill as it takes time for Arisha to summon a huge amount of energy of this magnitude.

Arcane Flurry

Activate after using Mana Blade. Arisha will enter an aggressive fighting stance before performing 6 quick, consecutive strikes. If a mana crystal is summoned somewhere in the map while Mana Blade is active, Arisha can immediately teleport in the position of that mana crystal to avoid attacks or set up an offensive position for a barrage of attacks.

Temporal Shift

Stop time and freeze enemies in place before dealing devastating area-of-effect damage. Useful to stop attacks from bosses.

Ruin Blade


Enchant your blade with arcane magic to unleash a single, wide slash at the enemy. Can be enhanced further for an extra attack for more damage. The attack animation is very long, so make sure to use this attack on a downed enemy.