[INTRO] Kael

  • 5 months ago


The noble knight who fights for justice.

Kael is a royal knight from a noble family.

While performing his as a royal knight, Kael witnessed a sight that shattered his core beliefs to their very foundation.

Now doubting the privileged lifestyle of the nobility, he joined the commoners' resistance to fight for wellbeing of all. However, a clash between the opposing forces left him with no choice but to find another way to mete out justice. And so he came to Colhen.

Kael seizes upon the swordstaff's length through both pointed stabs and wide-range slashes.

He can even inflict post-multi-hit wounds upon his enemies following key strikes.

Should he see an opening, he can block oncoming attacks and follow up with a devastating counter.

His disciplined yet relentless assault through myriad multi-hit attacks and practiced parries makes him a balanced fighter no matter the challenge.



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Guardian's Blade: Strike

A classic skill that bombards the enemy with slashes and thrusts.
Attacks the enemy through a series of disciplined movements.

Resistance Unchained

Twist and thrust forward for a powerful, pointed strike.
Quickly inflicts a massive amount of damage.

Low Flight

Take a low, defensive stance even mid-strike to instantaneously block enemy attacks before going on the offensive.
Mixes offense and defense by reacting quickly to enemy strikes.

Rhythmic Radiance

Kael's suppressing skill wholly crushes the enemies' will with a series of oppressive slashes and strikes.