[INTRO] Letty

  • 1 year ago


A girl in love with explosions and flames.

Letty is an ex-navy mercenary from a kingdom in the east.

With a lovely smile and a warped mind, she joined the navy as a cadet, in hopes of legally creating the explosions she craves.

However, after an incident that led to a moment of bittersweet tragedy, Letty left the navy and decided to go on a journey with her heavy cannon, Kradie.

Letty wields a heavy cannon, firing constant explosives.

Successfully landing her first shot can lead to a chain of explosions, firing Letty up.

When caught up in the thrill of her pyromania, Letty is able continuously fire her cannon.

She can also escape dangerous situations by using the recoil of cannon shots, or fire blasts that have special effects at enemies.

She is a captivating cannoneer with a passion for the explosive.



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