[INTRO] Latiya

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Starlight Knight

Latiya grew up in the dangerous jungles of the southern continent, trained to be the world's greatest hunter. Yet she was always obsessed with knights jousting on horseback, and dreamed of becoming one someday.

From her tribe she has gained the Kuja, a magical chain hook that she can summon from her hand. This allows her to quickly navigate the environment, to both elude and chase down prey. She pairs this with a lance, and while unorthodox, this creates powerful combos that only Latiya can perform.

She left the jungle and spent much time in her pursuit of the knighthood, training and competing in the popular jousting tournaments around the kingdom of Delshire. She met those who would come to care for her, and help in her quest. Unfortunately, this ended in mystery and tragedy that the player can investigate over time.

In the present, Latiya appears to have partially made peace with those lost days. She now seeks to live by the ideals of a knight, saving others, even if she did not truly earn the title. She wishes to be as starlight, which her tribe uses to guide others to safety.

She arrives in Colhen after rescuing a string of people, though her magic has grown so powerful that she accidentally destroys the surrounding environment whenever she does. The villagers do not quite know what to think of the young woman who seems so stalwart at some times, but so heartbroken at others.

Latiya is a knight-errant and magical master of the joust.

Kuja is a magic hook that gives Latiya quick maneuverability and leaves a condensed trace of magic power on enemies upon hitting them successfully.

The condensed trace of magic power left by Kuja reacts to powerful hits by the lance to explode, maximizing her damage.

Dual wielding the "lance" and "Kuja" for powerful strikes and fast maneuverability, she walks the path between the merciful defender and merciless hunter as a shining example of a knight.



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Lion's Rage
Imbues the lance with magic and performs a swing, an upward slash, and finally a thrust. Additional inputs after the skill activation can alter the attacks that combo out of the skill.

Snake Coil
Unleashes the Kuja, her magical chain hook, to attack nearby prey. This covers a large area, and landing a successful hit can restore stamina with Kuja's Strength.

Light of Kuja
A counterattack that can follow certain other moves, this allows Latiya to both dodge attacks and land some of her own at the same time. Successfully striking someone can combo into further strikes, and evading an enemy's strike at the precise moment can combo into even more powerful attacks.

Panther Pounce
Unleashes a flurry of furious strikes, with the Kuja and the lance working in harmony. If the first strike lands successfully, the enemy might be instantly dispatched.