[STORY] Lann

  • 1 year ago

The kid's father was once a famous gladiator.

After losing a limb, he took to drinking and gambling.

The kid's mom left when she couldn't take it anymore.

The merchant dropped a gold coin into his father's hand.

That's it?

Two for a girl, one for a boy.

Until finally one day, the father sold the child.

Too bad you weren't a girl. What a waste of space.

His father's final words rung in the kid's ears.

He was only 11 years old.

The child of a gladiator. He might be worth something.

The merchant led the kid to the arena.

Entertainment for the nobles. Battles to the death, for their amusement.

The kid was teamed with a man named Kaal.

Kaal was a swordsman who specialized in  using two swords at the same time.

When he had time, he taught the kid what he could.

The kid came to see Kaal as a father, and Kaal treated the kid like his son.

They worked well together, winning against intense odds, and gained the favor of the masses.

Of course, as they flourished, others began to grumble.

The man and the kid were tools meant to entertain their betters.

But they were forgetting their place...

Gold coins exchanged hands in dark corners.

It was the day before the final match.

Kaal handed the kid a piece of paper. An address was written on it.

When this match is over, will you go find my son?

He'll be there, at that address. His name is Lann.


That's right. It means, "the one who beats the wind and the loneliness."

I'll find him. I promise.

The kid didn't notice the way Kaal's hands shook.

It wasn't until the match began that the kid realized something was wrong.

Kaal was smiling at him, even after the fight had started.

Kaal let his hands fall, his swords no longer at the ready.


The enemy's blade slashed across Kaal's back.

The kid cried and cried.

But he had a promise to keep.

He had to go to Rocheste.

He had to deliver the sword and Kaal's message.


The boy he found at the castle wore a guarded expression.

They had to be about the same age.

The kid handed the pair of swords to the boy.

These were your father's. They're yours now.

My father's?! I don't want them! Throw them away!

I've forsaken all memory of my family, even my own name. Go away!

The boy had given up the name Lann, "the one who beats the wind and the loneliness."

But what about Kaal?

Kaal, who had died to save his life? Who had been the father the kid wished he'd had.

The kid cradled the swords in his arms.

A son, abandoned by his father. A father, abandoned by his son.

My son, our family honor has been destroyed. I will die here...

But you... You can become a knight.  You can restore our family name.

You can make our family... You can make me... Proud.

The kid lifted his head high, his eyes burning with determination.

I will become that knight and fulfill Kaal's final request.

From now on, my name will be Lann!